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ACTG is a global clinical trials network that conducts research to improve the management of HIV and its comorbidities; develop a cure for HIV; and innovate treatments for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and emerging infectious diseases.

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Our Impact and Reach

Since our founding in 1987, ACTG investigators and sites across four continents have served as major resources for HIV and other infectious disease research, treatment, care, and education in their communities.









Words Matter!

The NIAID HIV Language Guide is a means to advance the use of person-first, inclusive, and respectful language. The continued use of language known to be offensive and stigmatizing is insensitive and disrespectful. NIAID and ACTG are making every effort to eliminate such terminology and advance the use of person-first, inclusive, and respectful language. This updated language guide is an important step toward that end. With it, NIAID is also embarking on a campaign to educate and strongly advocate for person-first, non-stigmatizing language in all our communications, including but not limited to grant applications, contracts, publications, presentations, abstracts, and press materials. We will also encourage the use of person-first language at all meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Voices for the Community
Jan Kosmyna, MIS, B.Ed., RN

North Royalton, Ohio

Maureen Phiri

CAB member

Mandisa Jwara

CAB member

Roseline Swartz

CAB member

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15 Trials Currently Enrolling

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