Maureen Phiri

CAB member

Introducing Maureen Phiri, a distinguished Malawian youth advocate and activist renowned for her unwavering commitment to HIV prevention, access to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), and the critical domains of HIV stigma, discrimination, and clinical trials.

Maureen is a proactive force within her CAB, where she played an instrumental role in establishing an adolescent segment. This strategic move significantly bolstered youth engagement in research trial advocacy. Additionally, Maureen has served as a dedicated secretary at Lilongwe CRS, showcasing her organizational prowess.

Living with HIV for over a decade, Maureen brings a wealth of personal experience to her advocacy. Her expertise is further enriched through mentorship from both local entities and international platforms, positioning her as a substantive contributor to HIV clinical trials and research priorities for individuals living with HIV.

Elevating her involvement, Maureen successfully secured a position in the ACTG Community sub-scientific (CSS) committee. In this capacity, she adeptly represents community needs, championing advancements in HIV research.

As a CAB member, Maureen’s multifaceted role encompasses advocating for positive living among young people and women affected by HIV. Her articulate communication extends to conveying community needs within the realm of clinical trials and standard of care. A seasoned public speaker, Maureen has addressed diverse audiences at local and international events, proficiently elucidating topics related to HIV prevention, treatment, and clinical trials.

Known for her resolute nature, Maureen fearlessly tackles challenges, relying on truth and evidence. Positioned as a bridge between the community and ACTG, her focus is on advocating for the comprehensive needs of young people, women, and the broader community. Central to her mission is the promotion of HIV cure and research interventions prioritizing the well-being of those living with HIV.

Maureen is excited about acting as a bridge between the community and ACTG, advocating for the needs of young people, women, and the broader community. Her focus is on promoting HIV cure and research interventions that prioritize the well-being and care of those living with HIV. With a strong belief in the possibility of achieving a world without HIV, she is eager to contribute to making this vision a reality.