Roseline Swartz

CAB member

Roseline Swartz, CAB Chairperson UCT Lung Institute, Cape Town, South Africa

Roseline Swartz, Director of KEEP THE DREAM and Chairperson of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) at UCT Lung Institute in Cape Town, South Africa, has been a dedicated advocate in the HIV and TB fields since 1994. From founding KEEP THE DREAM in 2004 to participating in the COVAC study in 2017, Roseline has been actively involved in various capacities, including mobilizing for the South Africa AIDS Council.

Over 23 years, Roseline has tirelessly worked to address stigma and discrimination, focusing on community awareness, education, and prevention measures. However, challenges persist in reaching underprivileged communities and ensuring widespread access to prevention methods like PrEP and the vaginal ring.

As an influential member of the ACTG, Roseline emphasizes the need for more studies on women’s health, global expansion, community inclusivity in training, and prioritizing participant safety. She advocates for clear information consent, considering language barriers and cultural challenges.

Having just celebrated World AIDS Day, Roseline acknowledges the ongoing struggle to reach 90.90.95 by 2030, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to address challenges faced by those living with HIV, TB, STIs, and hepatitis. She expresses gratitude to ACTG staff and researchers for their commitment.

In her role within ACTG, Roseline represents the Community Scientific Subcommittee (CSS) and participates in studies like A5403 (The Get It Right Study) and A5384. She plays a vital role in the Cure Transformative Science Group, serving as a representative for small clinical trial units and the local CORE CAB.

Roseline’s dedication to advocacy and community involvement underscores the transformative impact individuals can have in combating HIV, TB, and related diseases. Her tireless efforts highlight the ongoing need for collaboration, education, and inclusivity in the pursuit of global health equity.