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Wendover Medical Center

301 East Wendover Avenue

Suite 111

Greensboro, NC. 27401

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Kim Epperson


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Cornelius Van Dam


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HIV Cure

Open and enrolling

A5341s: Intensive Reservoir Sampling, A5321 Substudy

A5341s: A5321 Sampling Substudy


Longitudinal Sampling Substudy of A5321 is collecting information from measures of different HIV reservoirs, including where HIV can be found, whether different reservoirs have different amounts of HIV, the best way is to measure the amount of HIV in different reservoirs, and whether the amount of HIV found in one reservoir says anything about the amount of HIV in other reservoirs.

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HIV Cure

Open and enrolling

A5321: Decay of HIV-1 Reservoirs in Participants on Long-Term Antiretroviral Therapy: The ACTG HIV Reservoirs Cohort (AHRC) Study

Studies differences and changes over time in HIV reservoirs (groups of HIV infected cells that ’hide’ from anti-HIV medications).