Angel Luis Hernandez

GCAB member

Angel Luis Hernandez, a Magna Cum Laude graduate of InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting, has dedicated over two decades to administrative roles in Puerto Rico’s main hospitals, honing skills in critical thinking, planning, and evaluation. However, it’s his involvement since 2010 as a representative for individuals living with HIV and AIDS that truly showcases his commitment to community advocacy and education. Through volunteer work, Hernandez has gained extensive knowledge about the needs and barriers faced by key populations, emphasizing the importance of basic education and culturally relevant information on HIV.


Within ACTG, Hernandez’s contributions are notable. Serving multiple terms on the Community Scientific Subcommittee (CSS) of the Global Community Advisory Board (GCAB), he has represented CSS on various ACTG committees and protocol teams. In his current term, Angel is representing the team on both the Neurology Collaborative Science Group (NEUROSCG) and the Protocol Development and Implementation Subcommittee (PDISC). This showcases his unwavering commitment to furthering research efforts and championing community engagement in scientific initiatives.


The role of Community Advisory Board (CAB) members within ACTG is crucial. As non-scientific Subject Matter Experts, they dispel myths, educate communities, and aid in study recruitment challenges. Hernandez’s goals align with this ethos, aiming to empower clinical trial participants to engage with local CABs, ensuring community voices are integral in the evaluation and implementation of research protocols. By fostering mentorship and inclusivity, Hernandez and his fellow GCAB members continue to play essential roles in shaping the future of HIV/AIDS research and advocacy within ACTG.


Hernandez believes that encouraging all clinical trial participants to actively engage with their local CABs under the mentorship of seasoned members is imperative. These goals are best summarized by the following quotes from his fellow GCAB representatives: “We change lives, we save lives,” emphasizes Eric, reflecting the profound impact of community involvement in research. Pamela underscores the value of active participation, noting, “We are exposed to the best scientific knowledge,” highlighting the educational benefits for community members. Andy stresses the importance of establishing meaningful relationships with Principal Investigators (PIs), advising, “Make relationships with PIs. Let them know who you are,” ensuring that community perspectives are heard and valued in scientific endeavors. Lastly, Sharon’s gratitude extends to all participants, emphasizing, “Please don’t think your input does not matter…it does! Thank you to all who can review and complete questionnaires to draft protocols!” These quotes collectively emphasize the essential role of community engagement in shaping research protocols and improving healthcare outcomes for all and exemplify what Angel Luis Hernandez’s work is all about.