ACTG in Social Media

The ACTG has several social media channels.  Please find us, follow us, like us...

We enjoy hearing your feedback and welcome relevant, insightful comments and discussions. Please be respectful and stay on topic. We reserve the right to delete profane, harassing, abusive, off-topic, spam, comments or posts that solicit medical advice, user content that is derogatory or offensive to ACTG personnel, and to block repeat offenders.

ACTG Social Media Public Guidelines

The emergence and continuing growth of social media has changed the way we communicate and share ideas, start conversations and engage with our communities both local and world-wide. To better help inform and advise your participation, the ACTG has provided these Social Media Guidelines to provide direction and to help you to better understand the responsibilities associated with Social Media engagement. These guidelines apply to both network-sponsored participation as well as personal participation in social networks that relates to your work with the ACTG.

Download the ACTG Social Media Public Guidelines (PDF - 45 KB)