ACTG Publications

Race/Ethnicity and the Pharmacogenetics of Reported Suicidality With Efavirenz Among Clinical Trials Participants.Mollan, Katie R ; Tierney, Camlin ; Hellwege, Jacklyn N ; Eron, Joseph J ; Hudgens, Michael G ; Gulick, Roy M ; Haubrich, Richard ; Sax, Paul E ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Daar, Eric S ; Robertson, Kevin R ; Ventura, Diana ; Ma, Qing ; Edwards, Digna R Velez ; Haas, David W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group2017 Sep 01J Infect Dis5216
Racial differences in calculated bioavailable vitamin D with vitamin D/calcium supplementation.Yin, Michael T ; Chan, Ellen S ; Brown, Todd T ; Tebas, Pablo ; McComsey, Grace A ; Melbourne, Kathleen M ; Napoli, Andrew ; Hardin, William R ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Overton, Edgar T ; A5280 Study Team2017 Nov 13AIDS1731
Racial differences in response to antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection: an AIDS clinical trials group (ACTG) study analysis.Ribaudo, Heather J ; Smith, Kimberly Y ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Flexner, Charles ; Haubrich, Richard ; Chen, Yun ; Fischl, Margaret A ; Schackman, Bruce R ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Gulick, Roy M2013 DecClin Infect Dis1157
Racial differences in virologic failure associated with adherence and quality of life on efavirenz-containing regimens for initial HIV therapy: results of ACTG A5095.Schackman, Bruce R ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Krambrink, Amy ; Hughes, Valery ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Gulick, Roy M2007 Dec 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr546
Racial/Ethnic disparities in ART adherence in the United States: findings from the MACH14 study.Simoni, Jane M ; Huh, David ; Wilson, Ira B ; Shen, Jie ; Goggin, Kathy ; Reynolds, Nancy R ; Remien, Robert H ; Rosen, Marc I ; Bangsberg, David R ; Liu, Honghu2012 Aug 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr560
Raltegravir in second-line antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings (SELECT): a randomised, phase 3, non-inferiority study.La Rosa, Alberto M ; Harrison, Linda J ; Taiwo, Babafemi ; Wallis, Carole L ; Zheng, Lu ; Kim, Peter ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Jarocki, Bernadette ; Mellors, John W ; Collier, Ann C ; ACTG A5273 Study Group2016 JunLancet HIV63
Random lopinavir concentrations predict resistance on lopinavir-based antiretroviral therapy.Court, Richard ; Gordon, Michelle ; Cohen, Karen ; Stewart, Annemie ; Gosnell, Bernadett ; Wiesner, Lubbe ; Maartens, Gary2016 AugInt J Antimicrob Agents248
A randomized clinical trial evaluating therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for protease inhibitor-based regimens in antiretroviral-experienced HIV-infected individuals: week 48 results of the A5146 study.Albrecht, Mary ; Mukherjee, A Lisa ; Tierney, Camlin ; Morse, Gene D ; Dykes, Carrie ; Klingman, Karin L ; Demeter, Lisa M2011 Jul-AugHIV Clin Trials412
A Randomized Comparison of Anthropomorphic Changes With Preferred and Alternative Efavirenz-Based Antiretroviral Regimens in Diverse Multinational Settings.Erlandson, Kristine M ; Taejaroenkul, Sineenart ; Smeaton, Laura ; Gupta, Amita ; Singini, Isaac L ; Lama, Javier R ; Mngqibisa, Rosie ; Firnhaber, Cynthia ; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner ; Kanyama, Cecilia ; Machado da Silva, Andre L ; Hakim, James G ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Hughes, Michael D2015 SepOpen Forum Infect Dis32
Randomized controlled study of tenofovir and adefovir in chronic hepatitis B virus and HIV infection: ACTG A5127.Peters, Marion G ; Andersen, Janet ; Lynch, Patrick ; Liu, Tun ; Alston-Smith, Beverly ; Brosgart, Carol L ; Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Pollard, Richard B ; Rooney, James F ; Sherman, Kenneth E ; Swindells, Susan ; Polsky, Bruce ; ACTG Protocol A5127 Team2006 NovHepatology544
A randomized controlled trial of palifermin (recombinant human keratinocyte growth factor) for the treatment of inadequate CD4+ T-lymphocyte recovery in patients with HIV-1 infection on antiretroviral therapy.Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; Wang, Hongying ; Bordi, Rebeka ; Zheng, Lu ; Gross, Barry H ; Landay, Alan L ; Spritzler, John ; Routy, Jean-Pierre ; Benson, Constance ; Aberg, Judith ; Tebas, Pablo ; Haas, David W ; Tiu, Jennifer ; Coughlin, Kristine ; Purdue, Lynette ; Sekaly, Rafick-Pierre ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) A5212 Protocol Team2014 Aug 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr466
Randomized open-label trial of two simplified, class-sparing regimens following a first suppressive three or four-drug regimen.Fischl, Margaret A ; Collier, Ann C ; Mukherjee, A Lisa ; Feinberg, Judith E ; Demeter, Lisa M ; Tebas, Pablo ; Giuliano, Marina ; Dehlinger, Marjorie ; Garren, Kevin ; Brizz, Barbara ; Bassett, Roland2007 Jan 30AIDS321
A randomized, partially blinded phase 2 trial of antiretroviral therapy, HIV-specific immunizations, and interleukin-2 cycles to promote efficient control of viral replication (ACTG A5024).Kilby, J Michael ; Bucy, R Pat ; Mildvan, Donna ; Fischl, Margaret ; Santana-Bagur, Jorge ; Lennox, Jeff ; Pilcher, Chris ; Zolopa, Andrew ; Lawrence, Jody ; Pollard, Richard B ; Habib, Raphaelle El ; Sahner, David ; Fox, Lawrence ; Aga, Evgenia ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Mitsuyasu, Ronald ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5024 Protocol Team2006 Dec 15J Infect Dis12194
A Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial of Aspirin Effects on Immune Activation in Chronically Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Adults on Virologically Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy.O'Brien, Meagan P ; Hunt, Peter W ; Kitch, Douglas W ; Klingman, Karin ; Stein, James H ; Funderburg, Nicholas T ; Berger, Jeffrey S ; Tebas, Pablo ; Clagett, Brian ; Moisi, Daniela ; Utay, Netanya S ; Aweeka, Fran ; Aberg, Judith A2017 WinterOpen Forum Infect Dis14
A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of abacavir intensification in HIV-1-infected adults with virologic suppression on a protease inhibitor-containing regimen.Hammer, Scott M ; Ribaudo, Heather ; Bassett, Roland ; Mellors, John W ; Demeter, Lisa M ; Coombs, Robert W ; Currier, Judith ; Morse, Gene D ; Gerber, John G ; Martinez, Ana I ; Spreen, William ; Fischl, Margaret A ; Squires, Kathleen E ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) 372A Study Team2010 Nov-DecHIV Clin Trials611
A randomized study of antiviral medication switch at lower- versus higher-switch thresholds: AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5115.Riddler, Sharon A ; Jiang, Hongyu ; Tenorio, Allan ; Huang, Hairong ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Acosta, Edward P ; Landay, Alan ; Bastow, Barbara ; Haas, David W ; Tashima, Karen T ; Jain, Mamta K ; Deeks, Steven G ; Bartlett, John A2007Antivir Ther412
Randomized study of dual versus single ritonavir-enhanced protease inhibitors for protease inhibitor-experienced patients with HIV.Collier, Ann C ; Tierney, Camlin ; Downey, Gerald F ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Kashuba, Angela ; Klingman, Karin ; Vergis, Emanuel N ; Pakes, Gary E ; Rooney, James F ; Rinehart, Alex ; Mellors, John W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol A5143 Team2008 Mar-AprHIV Clin Trials29
A randomized therapeutic vaccine trial of canarypox-HIV-pulsed dendritic cells vs. canarypox-HIV alone in HIV-1-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy.Gandhi, Rajesh T ; O'Neill, David ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Chan, Ellen S ; Bucy, R Pat ; Shopis, Janet ; Baglyos, Lynn ; Adams, Elizabeth ; Fox, Lawrence ; Purdue, Lynette ; Marshak, Ann ; Flynn, Theresa ; Masih, Reena ; Schock, Barbara ; Mildvan, Donna ; Schlesinger, Sarah J ; Marovich, Mary A ; Bhardwaj, Nina ; Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; AIDS Clin2009 Oct 9Vaccine4327
A randomized trial evaluating Prosaptide for HIV-associated sensory neuropathies: use of an electronic diary to record neuropathic pain.Evans, Scott R ; Simpson, David M ; Kitch, Douglas W ; King, Agnes ; Clifford, David B ; Cohen, Bruce A ; McArthur, Justin C ; Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group2007PLoS One62
A randomized trial of interleukin-2 during withdrawal of antiretroviral treatment.Bosch, Ronald J ; Pollard, Richard B ; Landay, Alan ; Aga, Evgenia ; Fox, Lawrence ; Mitsuyasu, Ronald ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5132 Team2011 JunJ Interferon Cytokine Res631
Randomized trial of stopping or continuing ART among postpartum women with pre-ART CD4 ≥ 400 cells/mm3.Currier, Judith S ; Britto, Paula ; Hoffman, Risa M ; Brummel, Sean ; Masheto, Gaerolwe ; Joao, Esau ; Santos, Breno ; Aurpibul, Linda ; Losso, Marcelo ; Pierre, Marie F ; Weinberg, Adriana ; Gnanashanmugam, Devasena ; Chakhtoura, Nahida ; Klingman, Karin ; Browning, Renee ; Coletti, Anne ; Mofenson, Lynne ; Shapiro, David ; Pilotto, Jose 2017PLoS One512
A randomized trial of therapeutic drug monitoring of protease inhibitors in antiretroviral-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients.Demeter, Lisa M ; Jiang, Hongyu ; Mukherjee, A Lisa ; Morse, Gene D ; DiFrancesco, Robin ; DiCenzo, Robert ; Dykes, Carrie ; Sista, Prakash ; Bacheler, Lee ; Klingman, Karin ; Rinehart, Alex ; Albrecht, Mary2009 Jan 28AIDS323
A randomized trial of treatment interruption before optimized antiretroviral therapy for persons with drug-resistant HIV: 48-week virologic results of ACTG A5086.Benson, Constance A ; Vaida, Florin ; Havlir, Diane V ; Downey, Gerald F ; Lederman, Michael M ; Gulick, Roy M ; Glesby, Marshall J ; Wantman, Michael ; Bixby, Christian J ; Rinehart, Alex R ; Snyder, Sally ; Wang, Rui ; Patel, Sheran ; Mellors, John W ; ACTG A5086 Study Team2006 Nov 1J Infect Dis9194
Rationale and uses of a public HIV drug-resistance database.Shafer, Robert W2006 Sep 15J Infect Dis194 Suppl 1
Real-time nucleic acid sequence-based amplification assay to quantify changes in mitochondrial DNA concentrations in cell cultures and blood cells from HIV-infected patients receiving antiviral therapy.Timmermans, Eveline C ; Tebas, Pablo ; Ruiter, Jos P N ; Wanders, Ronald J A ; de Ronde, Anthony ; de Baar, Michel P2006 JunClin Chem652
Reanalysis of coreceptor tropism in HIV-1-infected adults using a phenotypic assay with enhanced sensitivity.Wilkin, Timothy J ; Goetz, Mathew Bidwell ; Leduc, Robert ; Skowron, Gail ; Su, Zhaohui ; Chan, Ellen S ; Heera, Jayyant ; Chapman, Doug ; Spritzler, John ; Reeves, Jacqueline D ; Gulick, Roy M ; Coakley, Eoin2011 Apr 1Clin Infect Dis752
Recent advances in management of the HIV/HCV coinfected patient.Bednasz, Cindy J ; Sawyer, Joshua R ; Martinez, Anthony ; Rose, Patrick G ; Sithole, Samantha S ; Hamilton, Holly R ; Kaufman, Farzia S ; Venuto, Charles S ; Ma, Qing ; Talal, Andrew ; Morse, Gene D2015Future Virol810
A reduced frequency visit schedule underreports adverse events that resulted in dose modifications or treatment discontinuations in HIV/AIDS clinical trials: ACTG DACS 207.Kendall, Michelle A ; Andersen, Janet W ; van der Horst, Charles2006 JunContemp Clin Trials327
Reductions in Plasma Cystatin C After Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy Are Associated With Reductions in Inflammation: ACTG A5224s.Longenecker, Chris T ; Kitch, Douglas ; Sax, Paul E ; Daar, Eric S ; Tierney, Camlin ; Gupta, Samir K ; McComsey, Grace A ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5224s Team2015 Jun 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr269
Regimen selection in the OPTIONS trial of HIV salvage therapy: drug resistance, prior therapy, and race-ethnicity determine the degree of regimen complexity.Tashima, Karen T ; Mollan, Katie R ; Na, Lumine ; Gandhi, Rajesh T ; Klingman, Karin L ; Fichtenbaum, Carl J ; Andrade, Adriana ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Eron, Joseph J ; Smeaton, Laura ; Haubrich, Richard H2015 AugHIV Clin Trials416
Regimen simplification to atazanavir-ritonavir alone as maintenance antiretroviral therapy: final 48-week clinical and virologic outcomes.Wilkin, Timothy J ; McKinnon, John E ; DiRienzo, A Gregory ; Mollan, Katie ; Fletcher, Courtney V ; Margolis, David M ; Bastow, Barbara ; Thal, Gary ; Woodward, William ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Wiegand, Ann ; Maldarelli, Frank ; Palmer, Sarah ; Coffin, John M ; Mellors, John W ; Swindells, Susan2009 Mar 15J Infect Dis6199
Regimen simplification to atazanavir-ritonavir alone as maintenance antiretroviral therapy after sustained virologic suppression.Swindells, Susan ; DiRienzo, A Gregory ; Wilkin, Timothy ; Fletcher, Courtney V ; Margolis, David M ; Thal, Gary D ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Bastow, Barbara ; Ray, M Graham ; Wang, Hongying ; Coombs, Robert W ; McKinnon, John ; Mellors, John W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5201 Study Team2006 Aug 16JAMA7296
Regulatory T cells and the risk of CMV end-organ disease in patients with AIDS.Weinberg, Adriana ; Bosch, Ronald ; Bennett, Kara ; Tovar-Salazar, Adriana ; Benson, Constance A ; Collier, Ann C ; Zolopa, Andrew ; Gulick, Roy M ; Wohl, David ; Polsky, Bruce ; Erice, Alejo ; Jacobson, Mark A2014 May 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr166
Relationship between CD4+ T-cell counts/HIV-1 RNA plasma viral load and AIDS-defining events among persons followed in the ACTG longitudinal linked randomized trials study.Smurzynski, Marlene ; Wu, Kunling ; Benson, Constance A ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Collier, Ann C ; Koletar, Susan L2010 SepJ Acquir Immune Defic Syndr155
Relationship between microbial translocation and endothelial function in HIV infected patients.Blodget, Emily ; Shen, Changyu ; Aldrovandi, Grace ; Rollie, Adrienne ; Gupta, Samir K ; Stein, James H ; Dubé, Michael P2012PLoS One87
Relationship between minority nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistance mutations, adherence, and the risk of virologic failure.Li, Jonathan Z ; Paredes, Roger ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Svarovskaia, Evguenia S ; Kozal, Michael J ; Hullsiek, Katherine H ; Miller, Michael D ; Bangsberg, David R ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R2012 Jan 14AIDS226
Relationship between weight, efavirenz exposure, and virologic suppression in HIV-infected patients on rifampin-based tuberculosis treatment in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 STRIDE Study.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Lu, Darlene ; Marzan, Florence ; Ive, Prudence ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Swindells, Susan ; Benson, Constance A ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Sanne, Ian M ; Havlir, Diane V ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 Study Team2013 AugClin Infect Dis457
The relationship of CCR5 antagonists to CD4+ T-cell gain: a meta-regression of recent clinical trials in treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients.Wilkin, Timothy J ; Ribaudo, Heather R ; Tenorio, Allan R ; Gulick, Roy M2010 Nov-DecHIV Clin Trials611
Relationship of HIV reservoir characteristics with immune status and viral rebound kinetics in an HIV therapeutic vaccine study.Li, Jonathan Z ; Heisey, Andrea ; Ahmed, Hayat ; Wang, Hongying ; Zheng, Lu ; Carrington, Mary ; Wrin, Terri ; Schooley, Robert T ; Lederman, Michael M ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; ACTG A5197 Study Team2014 Nov 28AIDS1828
Relationships between cellular immune responses and treatment outcomes with interferon and ribavirin in HIV/hepatitis C virus co-infection.Graham, Camilla S ; Wells, Annalee ; Liu, Tun ; Sherman, Kenneth E ; Peters, Marion ; Chung, Raymond T ; Bhan, Atul K ; Andersen, Janet ; Koziel, Margaret James ; ACTG 5071 Study Team2006 Feb 14AIDS320
Relative sensitivity of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and quantitative magnetic resonance imaging to cognitive function among nondemented individuals infected with HIV.Paul, Robert H ; Ernst, Thomas ; Brickman, Adam M ; Yiannoutsos, Constantin T ; Tate, David F ; Cohen, Ronald A ; Navia, Bradford A ; ACTG 301 team ; ACTG 700 team ; HIV MRS Consortium2008 SepJ Int Neuropsychol Soc514
Renal and metabolic toxicities following initiation of HIV-1 treatment regimen in a diverse, multinational setting: a focused safety analysis of ACTG PEARLS (A5175).Touzard Romo, F ; Smeaton, L M ; Campbell, T B ; Riviere, C ; Mngqibisa, R ; Nyirenda, M ; Supparatpinyo, K ; Kumarasamy, N ; Hakim, J G ; Flanigan, T P2014 Nov-DecHIV Clin Trials615
Renal events among women treated with tenofovir/emtricitabine in combination with either lopinavir/ritonavir or nevirapine.Mwafongo, Albert ; Nkanaunena, Kondwani ; Zheng, Yu ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Samaneka, Wadzanai ; Mulenga, Lloyd ; Siika, Abraham ; Currier, Judith ; Lockman, Shahin ; Hughes, Michael D ; Hosseinipour, Mina ; AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) A5208 Team2014 May 15AIDS828
Replication capacity in relation to immunologic and virologic outcomes in HIV-1-infected treatment-naive subjects.Skowron, Gail ; Spritzler, John G ; Weidler, Jodi ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Chan, Ellen S ; Asmuth, David M ; Gandhi, Rajesh T ; Lie, Yolanda ; Bates, Michael ; Pollard, Richard B ; NIH/NIAID ACTG 384 Protocol Team and Monogram Biosciences2009 Mar 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr350
A resampling-based approach to multiple testing with uncertainty in phase.Foulkes, Andrea S ; DeGruttola, Victor G2007Int J Biostat13
Resampling-based methods in single and multiple testing for equality of covariance/correlation matrices.Yang, Yang ; Degruttola, Victor2012Int J Biostat18
Residual plasma viraemia and infectious HIV-1 recovery from resting memory CD4 cells in patients on antiretroviral therapy: results from ACTG A5173.Gandhi, Rajesh T ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Aga, Evgenia ; Bedison, Margaret A ; Bastow, Barbara ; Schmitz, John L ; Siliciano, Janet D ; Siliciano, Robert F ; Eron, Joseph J ; Mellors, John W ; ACTG A5173 team2013Antivir Ther418
Response to vicriviroc in treatment-experienced subjects, as determined by an enhanced-sensitivity coreceptor tropism assay: reanalysis of AIDS clinical trials group A5211.Su, Zhaohui ; Gulick, Roy M ; Krambrink, Amy ; Coakley, Eoin ; Hughes, Michael D ; Han, Dong ; Flexner, Charles ; Wilkin, Timothy J ; Skolnik, Paul R ; Greaves, Wayne L ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Reeves, Jacqueline D ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5211 Team2009 Dec 1J Infect Dis11200
Reverse transcriptase mutations 118I, 208Y, and 215Y cause HIV-1 hypersusceptibility to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.Clark, Shauna A ; Shulman, Nancy S ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Mellors, John W2006 Apr 24AIDS720
Rifaximin has a marginal impact on microbial translocation, T-cell activation and inflammation in HIV-positive immune non-responders to antiretroviral therapy - ACTG A5286.Tenorio, Allan R ; Chan, Ellen S ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Macatangay, Bernard J C ; Read, Sarah W ; Yesmin, Suria ; Taiwo, Babafemi ; Margolis, David M ; Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; Landay, Alan L ; Wilson, Cara C ; A5286 Team2015 Mar 1J Infect Dis5211
Risk factor analyses for immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in a randomized study of early vs. deferred ART during an opportunistic infection.Grant, Philip M ; Komarow, Lauren ; Andersen, Janet ; Sereti, Irini ; Pahwa, Savita ; Lederman, Michael M ; Eron, Joseph ; Sanne, Ian ; Powderly, William ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Suckow, Carol ; Zolopa, Andrew2010PLoS One75
Risk factors for early mortality on antiretroviral therapy in advanced HIV-infected adults.Bisson, Gregory P ; Ramchandani, Ritesh ; Miyahara, Sachiko ; Mngqibisa, Rosie ; Matoga, Mitch ; Ngongondo, McNeil ; Samaneka, Wadzanai ; Koech, Lucy ; Naidoo, Kogieleum ; Rassool, Mohammed ; Kirui, Fredrick ; Banda, Peter ; Mave, Vidya ; Kadam, Dileep ; Leger, Paul ; Henestroza, German ; Manabe, Yukari C ; Bao, Jing ; Kumwenda, Johnstone 2017 Oct 23AIDS1631
Robust analysis of biomarker data with informative missingness using a two-stage hypothesis test in an HIV treatment interruption trial: AIEDRP AIN503/ACTG A5217.Messer, Karen ; Vaida, Florin ; Hogan, Christine2006 DecContemp Clin Trials627
The role of early viral decline in the treatment of hepatitis C in HIV-1-coinfected persons.Kang, Minhee ; Chung, Raymond T2007 Nov 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr346
The role of HIV and monocytes/macrophages in adipose tissue biology.Shikuma, Cecilia M ; Gangcuangco, Louie Mar A ; Killebrew, Deirdre A ; Libutti, Daniel E ; Chow, Dominic C ; Nakamoto, Beau K ; Liang, Chin Yuan ; Milne, Cris I P ; Ndhlovu, Lishomwa C ; Barbour, Jason D ; Shiramizu, Bruce T ; Gerschenson, Mariana2014 Feb 01J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr265
Role of low-frequency HIV-1 variants in failure of nevirapine-containing antiviral therapy in women previously exposed to single-dose nevirapine.Boltz, Valerie F ; Zheng, Yu ; Lockman, Shahin ; Hong, Feiyu ; Halvas, Elias K ; McIntyre, James ; Currier, Judith S ; Chibowa, Margret C ; Kanyama, Cecelia ; Nair, Apsara ; Owino-Ong'or, Willis ; Hughes, Michael ; Coffin, John M ; Mellors, John W2011 May 31Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A22108
Role of oral candidiasis in TB and HIV co-infection: AIDS Clinical Trial Group Protocol A5253.Shiboski, C H ; Chen, H ; Ghannoum, M A ; Komarow, L ; Evans, S ; Mukherjee, P K ; Isham, N ; Katzenstein, D ; Asmelash, A ; Omozoarhe, A E ; Gengiah, S ; Allen, R ; Tripathy, S ; Swindells, S ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Network and Oral HIV/AIDS Research Alliance2014 JunInt J Tuberc Lung Dis618