ACTG Publications

MACH14: a multi-site collaboration on ART adherence among 14 institutions.Liu, Honghu ; Wilson, Ira B ; Goggin, Kathy ; Reynolds, Nancy ; Simoni, Jane M ; Golin, Carol E ; Rosen, Marc I ; Gross, Robert ; Wagner, Glenn ; Remien, Robert H ; Schneiderman, Neil ; Erlen, Judith A ; Arnsten, Julia H ; Bangsberg, David R2013 JanAIDS Behav117
Maintenance of Nef-mediated modulation of major histocompatibility complex class I and CD4 after sexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1.Noviello, C M ; Pond, S L Kosakovsky ; Lewis, M J ; Richman, D D ; Pillai, S K ; Yang, O O ; Little, S J ; Smith, D M ; Guatelli, J C2007 MayJ Virol981
The major genetic determinants of HIV-1 control affect HLA class I peptide presentation.International HIV Controllers Study ; Pereyra, Florencia ; Jia, Xiaoming ; McLaren, Paul J ; Telenti, Amalio ; DE Bakker, Paul I W ; Walker, Bruce D ; Ripke, Stephan ; Brumme, Chanson J ; Pulit, Sara L ; Carrington, Mary ; Kadie, Carl M ; Carlson, Jonathan M ; Heckerman, David ; Graham, Robert R ; Plenge, Robert M ; Deeks, Steven G ; Giann2010 Dec 10Science6010330
Markers of renal disease and function are associated with systemic inflammation in HIV infection.Gupta, S K ; Kitch, D ; Tierney, C ; Melbourne, K ; Ha, B ; McComsey, G A ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5224s Team2015 NovHIV Med1016
Maturation of dendritic cells for enhanced activation of anti-HIV-1 CD8(+) T cell immunity.Huang, Xiao-Li ; Fan, Zheng ; Borowski, Luann ; Rinaldo, Charles R2008 JunJ Leukoc Biol683
Measurement of antiretroviral drugs in the lungs of HIV-infected patients.Twigg, Homer L ; Schnizlein-Bick, Carol T ; Weiden, Michael ; Valentine, Fred ; Wheat, Joseph ; Day, Richard B ; Rominger, Helen ; Zheng, Lu ; Collman, Ronald G ; Coombs, Robert W ; Bucy, R Pat ; Rezk, Naser L ; Kashuba, Angela Dm2010 Mar 1HIV Ther24
Measurement of naive CD4 cells reliably predicts potential for immune reconstitution in HIV.Schacker, Timothy W ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Bennett, Kara ; Pollard, Richard ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Collier, Ann C ; Gulick, Roy M ; Spritzler, John ; Mildvan, Donna ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group2010 May 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr154
Memantine and HIV-associated cognitive impairment: a neuropsychological and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study.Schifitto, Giovanni ; Navia, Bradford A ; Yiannoutsos, Constantin T ; Marra, Christina M ; Chang, Linda ; Ernst, Thomas ; Jarvik, Jeffrey G ; Miller, Eric N ; Singer, Elyse J ; Ellis, Ronald J ; Kolson, Dennis L ; Simpson, David ; Nath, Avindra ; Berger, Joseph ; Shriver, Sharon L ; Millar, Linda L ; Colquhoun, Dodi ; Lenkinski, Robert ; G2007 Sep 12AIDS1421
Memantine for AIDS dementia complex: open-label report of ACTG 301.Zhao, Yu ; Navia, Bradford A ; Marra, Christina M ; Singer, Elyse J ; Chang, Linda ; Berger, Joseph ; Ellis, Ronald J ; Kolson, Dennis L ; Simpson, David ; Miller, Eric N ; Lipton, Stuart A ; Evans, Scott R ; Schifitto, Giovanni ; Adult Aids Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) 301 Team2010 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials111
A meta-analysis of six placebo-controlled trials of thiazolidinedione therapy for HIV lipoatrophy.Raboud, Janet M ; Diong, Christina ; Carr, Andrew ; Grinspoon, Steven ; Mulligan, Kathleen ; Sutinen, Jussi ; Rozenbaum, William ; Cavalcanti, Rodrigo B ; Wand, Handan ; Costagliola, Dominique ; Walmsley, Sharon ; Glitazone and Lipoatrophy Meta-Analysis Working Group2010 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials111
Meta-analysis of the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of lopinavir/ritonavir-containing antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-infected women.Hermes, A ; Squires, K ; Fredrick, L ; Martinez, M ; Pasley, M ; Trinh, R ; Norton, M2012 Nov-DecHIV Clin Trials613
Metabolic and immune activation effects of treatment interruption in chronic HIV-1 infection: implications for cardiovascular risk.Tebas, Pablo ; Henry, William Keith ; Matining, Roy ; Weng-Cherng, Deborah ; Schmitz, John ; Valdez, Hernan ; Jahed, Nasreen ; Myers, Laurie ; Powderly, William G ; Katzenstein, David2008PLoS One43
Metabolic effects of protease inhibitor-sparing antiretroviral regimens given as initial treatment of HIV-1 Infection (AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5095).Shikuma, Cecilia M ; Yang, Yang ; Glesby, Marshall J ; Meyer, William A ; Tashima, Karen T ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Webb, Nancy ; Bastow, Barbara ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Gulick, Roy M2007 Apr 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr544
Metabolic syndrome before and after initiation of antiretroviral therapy in treatment-naive HIV-infected individuals.Krishnan, Supriya ; Schouten, Jeffrey T ; Atkinson, Benjamin ; Brown, Todd ; Wohl, David ; McComsey, Grace A ; Glesby, Marshall J ; Shikuma, Cecilia ; Haubrich, Richard ; Tebas, Pablo ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Jacobson, Denise L2012 Nov 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr361
Microbial translocation is a cause of systemic immune activation in chronic HIV infection.Brenchley, Jason M ; Price, David A ; Schacker, Timothy W ; Asher, Tedi E ; Silvestri, Guido ; Rao, Srinivas ; Kazzaz, Zachary ; Bornstein, Ethan ; Lambotte, Olivier ; Altmann, Daniel ; Blazar, Bruce R ; Rodriguez, Benigno ; Teixeira-Johnson, Leia ; Landay, Alan ; Martin, Jeffrey N ; Hecht, Frederick M ; Picker, Louis J ; Lederman, Michael2006 DecNat Med1212
Minocycline treatment for HIV-associated cognitive impairment: results from a randomized trial.Sacktor, N ; Miyahara, S ; Deng, L ; Evans, S ; Schifitto, G ; Cohen, B A ; Paul, R ; Robertson, K ; Jarocki, B ; Scarsi, K ; Coombs, R W ; Zink, M C ; Nath, A ; Smith, E ; Ellis, R J ; Singer, E ; Weihe, J ; McCarthy, S ; Hosey, L ; Clifford, D B ; ACTG A5235 team2011 Sep 20Neurology1277
Minorities remain underrepresented in HIV/AIDS research despite access to clinical trials.Castillo-Mancilla, Jose R ; Cohn, Susan E ; Krishnan, Supriya ; Cespedes, Michelle ; Floris-Moore, Michelle ; Schulte, Gail ; Pavlov, Gregory ; Mildvan, Donna ; Smith, Kimberly Y2014 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials115
Minorities, the poor, and survivors of abuse: HIV-infected patients in the US deep South.Pence, Brian Wells ; Reif, Susan ; Whetten, Kathryn ; Leserman, Jane ; Stangl, Dalene ; Swartz, Marvin ; Thielman, Nathan ; Mugavero, Michael J2007 NovSouth Med J11100
Missing data on the estimation of the prevalence of accumulated human immunodeficiency virus drug resistance in patients treated with antiretroviral drugs in north america.Abraham, Alison G ; Lau, Bryan ; Deeks, Steven ; Moore, Richard D ; Zhang, Jinbing ; Eron, Joseph ; Harrigan, Richard ; Gill, M John ; Kitahata, Mari ; Klein, Marina ; Napravnik, Sonia ; Rachlis, Anita ; Rodriguez, Benigno ; Rourke, Sean ; Benson, Constance ; Bosch, Ron ; Collier, Ann ; Gebo, Kelly ; Goedert, James ; Hogg, Robert ; Horberg2011 Sep 15Am J Epidemiol6174
Mitochondrial DNA variation and changes in adiponectin and endothelial function in HIV-infected adults after antiretroviral therapy initiation.Hulgan, Todd ; Stein, James H ; Cotter, Bruno R ; Murdock, Deborah G ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Dubé, Michael P ; Gerschenson, Mariana ; Haas, David W ; Torriani, Francesca J ; Aids Clinical Trials Group A5152s And Dacs 252 Study Teams2013 OctAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses1029
Mitochondrial genomics and CD4 T-cell count recovery after antiretroviral therapy initiation in AIDS clinical trials group study 384.Grady, Benjamin J ; Samuels, David C ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Selph, Doug ; Canter, Jeffrey A ; Pollard, Richard B ; Haas, David W ; Shafer, Robert ; Kalams, Spyros A ; Murdock, Deborah G ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Hulgan, Todd ; ACTG 384 and DACS 250 Study Teams2011 Dec 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr458
The mitochondrial pharmacogenomics of haplogroup T: MTND2*LHON4917G and antiretroviral therapy-associated peripheral neuropathy.Canter, J A ; Haas, D W ; Kallianpur, A R ; Ritchie, M D ; Robbins, G K ; Shafer, R W ; Clifford, D B ; Murdock, D G ; Hulgan, T2008 FebPharmacogenomics J18
Mixed patterns of changes in central and peripheral fat following initiation of antiretroviral therapy in a randomized trial.Mulligan, Kathleen ; Parker, Robert A ; Komarow, Lauren ; Grinspoon, Steven K ; Tebas, Pablo ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Roubenoff, Ronenn ; Dubé, Michael P2006 Apr 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr541
Model-based estimates of the effects of efavirenz on bedaquiline pharmacokinetics and suggested dose adjustments for patients coinfected with HIV and tuberculosis.Svensson, Elin M ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Park, Jeong-Gun ; Marzan, Florence ; Dooley, Kelly E ; Karlsson, Mats O2013 JunAntimicrob Agents Chemother657
Modeling clinical endpoints as a function of time of switch to second-line ART with incomplete data on switching times.Johnson, Brent A ; Ribaudo, Heather ; Gulick, Roy M ; Eron, Joseph J2013 SepBiometrics369
Modified directly observed antiretroviral therapy compared with self-administered therapy in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected patients: a randomized trial.Gross, Robert ; Tierney, Camlin ; Andrade, Adriana ; Lalama, Christina ; Rosenkranz, Susan ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Flanigan, Timothy ; Santana, Jorge ; Salomon, Nadim ; Reisler, Ronald ; Wiggins, Ilene ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Flexner, Charles ; Mildvan, Donna ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5073 Study Team2009 Jul 13Arch Intern Med13169
Monitoring clinical trials of therapeutic vaccines in HIV infection: role of treatment interruption.Lederman, Michael M ; Penn-Nicholson, Adam ; Stone, Shelley F ; Sieg, Scott F ; Rodriguez, Benigno2007 JanCurr Opin HIV AIDS12
More on the treatment-tropism relationship: the impact of prior antiretroviral treatment on HIV coreceptor tropism among subjects entering AIDS clinical trials group 175.Shulman, Nancy S ; Kassaye, Seble G ; Winters, Mark A ; Johnston, Elizabeth ; Katzenstein, David A2007 Jul 15J Infect Dis2196
A multicenter trial of selegiline transdermal system for HIV-associated cognitive impairment.Schifitto, G ; Zhang, J ; Evans, S R ; Sacktor, N ; Simpson, D ; Millar, L L ; Hung, V L ; Miller, E N ; Smith, E ; Ellis, R J ; Valcour, V ; Singer, E ; Marra, C M ; Kolson, D ; Weihe, J ; Remmel, R ; Katzenstein, D ; Clifford, D B ; ACTG A5090 Team2007 Sep 25Neurology1369
Multifunctional human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) gag-specific CD8+ T-cell responses in rectal mucosa and peripheral blood mononuclear cells during chronic HIV type 1 infection.Critchfield, J William ; Lemongello, Donna ; Walker, Digna H ; Garcia, Juan C ; Asmuth, David M ; Pollard, Richard B ; Shacklett, Barbara L2007 JunJ Virol1181
Multilocus genetic interactions and response to efavirenz-containing regimens: an adult AIDS clinical trials group study.Motsinger, Alison A ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Shafer, Robert W ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Morse, Gene D ; Labbe, Line ; Wilkinson, Grant R ; Clifford, David B ; D'Aquila, Richard T ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Pollard, Richard B ; Merigan, Thomas C ; Hirsch, Martin S ; Donahue, John P ; Kim, Richard B ; Haas, David W2006 NovPharmacogenet Genomics1116
A multinational study of neurological performance in antiretroviral therapy-naïve HIV-1-infected persons in diverse resource-constrained settings.Robertson, Kevin ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Supparatpinyo, Khuanchai ; Jiang, Jeanne H ; Evans, Scott ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Price, Richard W ; Murphy, Robert ; Hall, Colin ; Marra, Christina M ; Marcus, Cheryl ; Berzins, Baiba ; Masih, Reena ; Santos, Breno ; Silva, Marcus T ; Kumarasamy, N ; Walawander, Ann ; Nair, Apsara ; Tripathy, Srikan2011 OctJ Neurovirol517
Multiphenotype association study of patients randomized to initiate antiretroviral regimens in AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol A5202.Verma, Anurag ; Bradford, Yuki ; Verma, Shefali S ; Pendergrass, Sarah A ; Daar, Eric S ; Venuto, Charles ; Morse, Gene D ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Haas, David W2017 MarPharmacogenet Genomics327
Multiple-dose escalation study of the safety, pharmacokinetics, and biologic activity of oral AMD070, a selective CXCR4 receptor inhibitor, in human subjects.Stone, Nimalie D ; Dunaway, Shelia B ; Flexner, Charles ; Tierney, Camlin ; Calandra, Gary B ; Becker, Stephen ; Cao, Ying-Jun ; Wiggins, Ilene P ; Conley, Jeanne ; MacFarland, Ron T ; Park, Jeong-Gun ; Lalama, Christina ; Snyder, Sally ; Kallungal, Beatrice ; Klingman, Karin L ; Hendrix, Craig W2007 JulAntimicrob Agents Chemother751