ACTG Publications

Cardiovascular disease risk factors in HIV-infected women after initiation of lopinavir/ritonavir- and nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A5208 (OCTANE).Shaffer, Douglas ; Hughes, Michael D ; Sawe, Fredrick ; Bao, Yajing ; Moses, Agnes ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Lockman, Shahin ; Currier, Judith2014 Jun 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr266
CCR5-Δ32 Heterozygosity, HIV-1 Reservoir Size, and Lymphocyte Activation in Individuals Receiving Long-term Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy.Henrich, Timothy J ; Hanhauser, Emily ; Harrison, Linda J ; Palmer, Christine D ; Romero-Tejeda, Marisol ; Jost, Stephanie ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R2016 Mar 1J Infect Dis5213
CD14brightCD16- monocytes and sCD14 level negatively associate with CD4-memory T-cell frequency and predict HCV-decline on therapy.Judge, Chelsey J ; Sandberg, Johan K ; Funderburg, Nicholas T ; Sherman, Ken E ; Butt, Adeel A ; Kang, Minhee ; Landay, Alan L ; Lederman, Michael M ; Anthony, Donald D2016 Jun 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr
CD28-negative CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in antiretroviral therapy-naive HIV-infected adults enrolled in adult clinical trials group studies.Tassiopoulos, Katherine ; Landay, Alan ; Collier, Ann C ; Connick, Elizabeth ; Deeks, Steven G ; Hunt, Peter ; Lewis, Dorothy E ; Wilson, Cara ; Bosch, Ronald2012 JunJ Infect Dis11205
CD4+ T-cell decline after the interruption of antiretroviral therapy in ACTG A5170 is predicted by differential expression of genes in the ras signaling pathway.Vahey, Maryanne T ; Wang, Zhining ; Su, Zhaohui ; Nau, Martin E ; Krambrink, Amy ; Skiest, Daniel J ; Margolis, David M2008 AugAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses824
CD56NK IL-7Rα expression negatively associates with HCV level, and IL-7-induced NK function is impaired during HCV and HIV infections.Judge, Chelsey J ; Kostadinova, Lenche ; Sherman, Kenneth E ; Butt, Adeel A ; Falck-Ytter, Yngve ; Funderburg, Nicholas T ; Landay, Alan L ; Lederman, Michael M ; Sieg, Scott F ; Sandberg, Johan K ; Anthony, Donald D2017 JulJ Leukoc Biol1102
CD8+ T-cell activation in HIV-1-infected patients experiencing transient low-level viremia during antiretroviral therapy.Taiwo, Babafemi ; Hunt, Peter W ; Gandhi, Rajesh T ; Ellingson, Andrew ; McKenna, Matthew ; Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; Gripshover, Barbara ; Bosch, Ronald J2013 May 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr163
Challenges in using observational studies to evaluate adverse effects of treatment.Hughes, Michael D ; Williams, Paige L2007 Apr 26N Engl J Med17356
Change in high-sensitivity c-reactive protein levels following initiation of efavirenz-based antiretroviral regimens in HIV-infected individuals.Shikuma, Cecilia M ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Zheng, Yu ; Gulick, Roy M ; Meyer, William A ; Tashima, Karen T ; Bastow, Barbara ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Glesby, Marshall J ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5095 Study Team2011 MayAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses527
Change in vitamin d levels occurs early after antiretroviral therapy initiation and depends on treatment regimen in resource-limited settings.Havers, Fiona P ; Detrick, Barbara ; Cardoso, Sandra W ; Berendes, Sima ; Lama, Javier R ; Sugandhavesa, Patcharaphan ; Mwelase, Noluthando H ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Gupta, Amita ; ACTG A5175 PEARLS and NWCS319 Study Teams2014PLoS One49
Changes in abdominal fat following antiretroviral therapy initiation in HIV-infected individuals correlate with waist circumference and self-reported changes.Bhagwat, Priya ; Ofotokun, Ighovwerha ; McComsey, Grace A ; Brown, Todd T ; Moser, Carlee ; Sugar, Catherine A ; Currier, Judith S2017Antivir Ther722
Changes in Bone Mineral Density After Initiation of Antiretroviral Treatment With Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate/Emtricitabine Plus Atazanavir/Ritonavir, Darunavir/Ritonavir, or Raltegravir.Brown, Todd T ; Moser, Carlee ; Currier, Judith S ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Rothenberg, Jennifer ; Kelesidis, Theodoros ; Yang, Otto ; Dubé, Michael P ; Murphy, Robert L ; Stein, James H ; McComsey, Grace A2015 Oct 15J Infect Dis8212
Changes in fat mitochondrial DNA and function in subjects randomized to abacavir-lamivudine or tenofovir DF-emtricitabine with atazanavir-ritonavir or efavirenz: AIDS Clinical Trials Group study A5224s, substudy of A5202.McComsey, Grace A ; Daar, Eric S ; O'Riordan, MaryAnn ; Collier, Ann C ; Kosmiski, Lisa ; Santana, Jorge L ; Fichtenbaum, Carl J ; Fink, Heidi ; Sax, Paul E ; Libutti, Daniel E ; Gerschenson, Mariana2013 Feb 15J Infect Dis4207
Changes in HIV-1 subtypes B and C genital tract RNA in women and men after initiation of antiretroviral therapy.Fiscus, Susan A ; Cu-Uvin, Susan ; Eshete, Abel Tilahun ; Hughes, Michael D ; Bao, Yajing ; Hosseinipour, Mina ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Badal-Faesen, Sharlaa ; Dragavon, Joan ; Coombs, Robert W ; Braun, Ken ; Moran, Laura ; Hakim, James ; Flanigan, Timothy ; Kumarasamy, N ; Campbell, Thomas B ; A5185s Team2013 JulClin Infect Dis257
Changes in Inflammation and Immune Activation With Atazanavir-, Raltegravir-, Darunavir-Based Initial Antiviral Therapy: ACTG 5260s.Kelesidis, Theodoros ; Tran, Thuy Tien T ; Stein, James H ; Brown, Todd T ; Moser, Carlee ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Dubé, Michael P ; Murphy, Robert ; Yang, Otto O ; Currier, Judith S ; McComsey, Grace A2015 Aug 15Clin Infect Dis461
Changes in Insulin Resistance After Initiation of Raltegravir or Protease Inhibitors With Tenofovir-Emtricitabine: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5260s.Dirajlal-Fargo, Sahera ; Moser, Carlee ; Brown, Todd T ; Kelesidis, Theodoros ; Dubé, Michael P ; Stein, James H ; Currier, Judith ; McComsey, Grace A2016 SepOpen Forum Infect Dis33
Changes in Markers of T-Cell Senescence and Exhaustion With Atazanavir-, Raltegravir-, and Darunavir-Based Initial Antiviral Therapy: ACTG 5260s.Kelesidis, Theodoros ; Moser, Carlee ; Stein, James H ; Brown, Todd T ; Tran, Thuy Tien T ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Dubé, Michael P ; Yang, Otto O ; Currier, Judith S ; McComsey, Grace A2016 Jun 28J Infect Dis
Changes in metabolic syndrome status after initiation of antiretroviral therapy.Krishnan, Supriya ; Schouten, Jeffrey T ; Atkinson, Benjamin ; Brown, Todd T ; Wohl, David A ; McComsey, Grace A ; Glesby, Marshall J ; Shikuma, Cecilia ; Haubrich, Richard ; Jacobson, Denise L2015 Jan 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr168
Changes in plasma levels of oxidized lipoproteins and lipoprotein subfractions with atazanavir-, raltegravir-, darunavir-based initial antiviral therapy and associations with common carotid artery intima-media thickness: ACTG 5260s.Kelesidis, Theodoros ; Tran, Thuy Tien T ; Brown, Todd T ; Moser, Carlee ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Dubé, Michael P ; Yang, Otto O ; McComsey, Grace A ; Stein, James H ; Currier, Judith S2016 Sep 23Antivir Ther
Changes in proteinuria and albuminuria with initiation of antiretroviral therapy: data from a randomized trial comparing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine versus abacavir/lamivudine.Wyatt, Christina M ; Kitch, Douglas ; Gupta, Samir K ; Tierney, Camlin ; Daar, Eric S ; Sax, Paul E ; Ha, Belinda ; Melbourne, Kathleen ; McComsey, Grace A ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5224s Team2014 Sep 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr167
Changes in the slope of the CD4 cell count increase after initiation of potent antiretroviral treatment.Bosch, Ronald J ; Wang, Rui ; Vaida, Florin ; Lederman, Michael M ; Albrecht, Mary A2006 Dec 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr443
Characteristics and outcomes of initial virologic suppressors during analytic treatment interruption in a therapeutic HIV-1 gag vaccine trial.Li, Jonathan Z ; Brumme, Chanson J ; Lederman, Michael M ; Brumme, Zabrina L ; Wang, Hongying ; Spritzler, John ; Carrington, Mary ; Medvik, Kathleen ; Walker, Bruce D ; Schooley, Robert T ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5197 Study Team2012PLoS One37
Characteristics associated with virologic failure in high-risk HIV-positive participants with prior failure: a post hoc analysis of ACTG 5251.Robbins, Gregory K ; Cohn, Susan E ; Harrison, Linda J ; Smeaton, Laura ; Moran, Laura ; Rusin, David ; Dehlinger, Marjorie ; Flynn, Theresa ; Lammert, Sara ; Wu, Albert W ; Safren, Steven A ; Reynolds, Nancy R2016 JulHIV Clin Trials417
Characteristics of recently HIV-infected men who use the Internet to find male sex partners and sexual practices with those partners.Smith, Davey M ; Drumright, Lydia N ; Frost, Simon D W ; Cheng, W Susan ; Espitia, Stephen ; Daar, Eric S ; Little, Susan J ; Gorbach, Pamina M2006 Dec 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr543
Characterization of HIV-HBV coinfection in a multinational HIV-infected cohort.Thio, Chloe L ; Smeaton, Laura ; Saulynas, Melissa ; Hwang, Hyon ; Saravanan, Shanmugam ; Saravan, Shanmugam ; Kulkarni, Smita ; Hakim, James ; Nyirenda, Mulinda ; Iqbal, Hussain S ; Lalloo, Umesh G ; Mehta, Anand S ; Hollabaugh, Kimberly ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Lockman, Shahin ; Currier, Judith S2013 Jan 14AIDS227
Childhood abuse and initial presentation for HIV care: an opportunity for early intervention.Mugavero, M J ; Pence, B W ; Whetten, K ; Leserman, J ; Swartz, M ; Stangl, D ; Thielman, N M2007 OctAIDS Care919
Cidofovir in addition to antiretroviral treatment is not effective for AIDS-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy: a multicohort analysis.De Luca, Andrea ; Ammassari, Adriana ; Pezzotti, Patrizio ; Cinque, Paola ; Gasnault, Jacques ; Berenguer, Juan ; Di Giambenedetto, Simona ; Cingolani, Antonella ; Taoufik, Yassine ; Miralles, Pilar ; Marra, Christina M ; Antinori, Andrea ; Gesida 9/99, IRINA, ACTG 363 Study Groups2008 Sep 12AIDS1422
Class-sparing regimens for initial treatment of HIV-1 infection.Riddler, Sharon A ; Haubrich, Richard ; DiRienzo, A Gregory ; Peeples, Lynne ; Powderly, William G ; Klingman, Karin L ; Garren, Kevin W ; George, Tania ; Rooney, James F ; Brizz, Barbara ; Lalloo, Umesh G ; Murphy, Robert L ; Swindells, Susan ; Havlir, Diane ; Mellors, John W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5142 Team2008 May 15N Engl J Med20358
Clinical and genetic determinants of plasma nevirapine exposure following an intrapartum dose to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.Vardhanabhuti, Saran ; Acosta, Edward P ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Severe, Patrice ; Lalloo, Umesh ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeshwaran ; Taulo, Frank ; Kabanda, Joseph ; Oneko, Olola ; Ive, Prudence ; Sambarey, Pradeep ; Chan, Ellen S ; Hitti, Jane ; Hong, Francis ; McMahon, Deborah ; Haas, David W ; A5207 ACTG Study Team2013 Aug 15J Infect Dis4208
Clinical and immunologic predictors of death after an acute opportunistic infection: results from ACTG A5164.Grant, Philip M ; Komarow, Lauren ; Sanchez, Alejandro ; Sattler, Fred R ; Asmuth, David M ; Pollard, Richard B ; Zolopa, Andrew R2014 Jul-AugHIV Clin Trials415
The clinical impact of continuing to prescribe antiretroviral therapy in patients with advanced AIDS who manifest no virologic or immunologic benefit.Wohl, David A ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Feinberg, Judith ; Alston-Smith, Beverly ; Owens, Susan ; Chafey, Suzette ; Marco, Michael ; Maxwell, Sharon ; Benson, Constance ; Keiser, Philip ; van der Horst, Charles ; Jacobson, Mark A ; A5030 Study Team2013PLoS One118
Clinical, laboratory, and neuroimaging characteristics of fatigue in HIV-infected individuals.Schifitto, Giovanni ; Deng, Lijuan ; Yeh, Tzu-min ; Evans, Scott R ; Ernst, Thomas ; Zhong, Jianhui ; Clifford, David2011 FebJ Neurovirol117
Clinical perspectives on human genetic screening to prevent nevirapine toxicity.Haas, David W ; Mootsikapun, Piroon ; Ruxrungtham, Kiat ; Podzamczer, Daniel ; Nevirapine Toxicogenomics Study Team2012 Sep 1Per Med79
Clinical Trial of the Anti-PD-L1 Antibody BMS-936559 in HIV-1 Infected Participants on Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy.Gay, Cynthia L ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Ritz, Justin ; Hataye, Jason M ; Aga, Evgenia ; Tressler, Randall L ; Mason, Stephen W ; Hwang, Carey K ; Grasela, Dennis M ; Ray, Neelanjana ; Cyktor, Josh C ; Coffin, John M ; Acosta, Edward P ; Koup, Richard A ; Mellors, John W ; Eron, Joseph J ; AIDS Clinical Trials 5326 Study Team2017 Jun 01J Infect Dis11215
Clinical utility of HIV standard genotyping among antiretroviral-naive individuals with unknown duration of infection.Smith, Davey ; Moini, Niousha ; Pesano, Rick ; Cachay, Edward ; Aiem, Heidi ; Lie, Yolanda ; Richman, Douglas ; Little, Susan2007 Feb 1Clin Infect Dis344
A closer look at depression and its relationship to HIV antiretroviral adherence.Wagner, Glenn J ; Goggin, Kathy ; Remien, Robert H ; Rosen, Marc I ; Simoni, Jane ; Bangsberg, David R ; Liu, Honghu ; MACH14 Investigators2011 DecAnn Behav Med342
Cohort profile: the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design (NA-ACCORD).Gange, Stephen J ; Kitahata, Mari M ; Saag, Michael S ; Bangsberg, David R ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Brooks, John T ; Calzavara, Liviana ; Deeks, Steven G ; Eron, Joseph J ; Gebo, Kelly A ; Gill, M John ; Haas, David W ; Hogg, Robert S ; Horberg, Michael A ; Jacobson, Lisa P ; Justice, Amy C ; Kirk, Gregory D ; Klein, Marina B ; Martin, Jeffrey 2007 AprInt J Epidemiol236
Combination antiretroviral treatment for women previously treated only in pregnancy: week 24 results of AIDS clinical trials group protocol a5227.Vogler, Mary A ; Smeaton, Laura M ; Wright, Rodney L ; Cardoso, Sandra W ; Sanchez, Jorge ; Infante, Rosa ; Moran, Laura E ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Demeter, Lisa M ; Johnson, Victoria A2014 Apr 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr565
Combined effect of CYP2B6 and NAT2 genotype on plasma efavirenz exposure during rifampin-based antituberculosis therapy in the STRIDE study.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Lu, Darlene ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Sanchez, Jorge ; Ssemmanda, Michael ; Sanne, Ian ; McIlleron, Helen ; Havlir, Diane V ; Haas, David W ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 and A5243 Study Teams2015 Jun 15Clin Infect Dis1260
Combining cross-sectional and prospective data methods to improve transition parameter estimation for characterizing the accumulation of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations.Healy, Brian ; De Gruttola, Victor ; Pagano, Marcello2007 SepBiometrics363
Comparative Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors.Podany, Anthony T ; Scarsi, Kimberly K ; Fletcher, Courtney V2017 JanClin Pharmacokinet156
Comparative effectiveness of initial antiretroviral therapy regimens: ACTG 5095 and 5142 clinical trials relative to ART-CC cohort study.Mugavero, Michael J ; May, Margaret ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Gulick, Roy M ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Haubrich, Richard ; Napravnik, Sonia ; Abgrall, Sophie ; Phillips, Andrew ; Harris, Ross ; Gill, M John ; de Wolf, Frank ; Hogg, Robert ; Günthard, Huldrych F ; Chêne, Geneviève ; D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella ; Guest, Jodie L ; Smith, Colette ; 2011 Nov 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr358
Comparative efficacy of nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors in combination with efavirenz: results of a systematic overview.Bartlett, John A ; Chen, Shan-Shan ; Quinn, Joseph B2007 Jul-AugHIV Clin Trials48
Comparison of direct and indirect measurement of LDL-C in HIV-infected individuals: ACTG 5087.Evans, Scott R ; Fichtenbaum, Carl J ; Aberg, Judith A ; A5087 Study Team2007 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials18
Comparison of HBV-active HAART regimens in an HIV-HBV multinational cohort: outcomes through 144 weeks.Thio, Chloe L ; Smeaton, Laura ; Hollabaugh, Kimberly ; Saulynas, Melissa ; Hwang, Hyon ; Saravanan, Shanmugam ; Kulkarni, Smita ; Hakim, James ; Nyirenda, Mulinda ; Iqbal, Hussain Syed ; Lalloo, Umesh G ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Lockman, Shahin ; Currier, Judith S2015 Jun 19AIDS1029
Comparison of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Participants Enrolled in a Multinational Clinical Trial: HPTN 052.Greer, Amy E ; Ou, San-San ; Wilson, Ethan ; Piwowar-Manning, Estelle ; Forman, Michael S ; McCauley, Marybeth ; Gamble, Theresa ; Ruangyuttikarn, Cholticha ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Nyirenda, Mulinda ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Pilotto, Jose Henrique ; Kosashunhanan, Natthapol ; Gonçalves de Melo, Marineide ; Makh2017 Dec 01J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr476
Comparison of illumina and 454 deep sequencing in participants failing raltegravir-based antiretroviral therapy.Li, Jonathan Z ; Chapman, Brad ; Charlebois, Patrick ; Hofmann, Oliver ; Weiner, Brian ; Porter, Alyssa J ; Samuel, Reshmi ; Vardhanabhuti, Saran ; Zheng, Lu ; Eron, Joseph ; Taiwo, Babafemi ; Zody, Michael C ; Henn, Matthew R ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Hide, Winston ; ACTG A5262 Study Team ; Wilson, Cara C ; Berzins, Baiba I ; Acosta, Edward2014PLoS One39
Comparison of immunologic assays for detecting immune responses in HIV immunotherapeutic studies: AIDS Clinical Trials Group Trial A5181.Macatangay, Bernard J C ; Zheng, Lu ; Rinaldo, Charles R ; Landay, Alan L ; Pollard, Richard B ; Pahwa, Savita ; Lederman, Michael M ; Bucy, R Pat2010 SepClin Vaccine Immunol917
Comparison of once-daily versus twice-daily combination antiretroviral therapy in treatment-naive patients: results of AIDS clinical trials group (ACTG) A5073, a 48-week randomized controlled trial.Flexner, Charles ; Tierney, Camlin ; Gross, Robert ; Andrade, Adriana ; Lalama, Christina ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Aberg, Judith ; Sanne, Ian ; Parsons, Teresa ; Kashuba, Angela ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Kmack, Anne ; Ferguson, Elaine ; Dehlinger, Marjorie ; Mildvan, Donna ; ACTG A5073 Study Team2010 Apr 1Clin Infect Dis750
A comparison of tests for restricted orderings in the three-class case.Alonzo, Todd A ; Nakas, Christos T ; Yiannoutsos, Constantin T ; Bucher, Sherri2009 Mar 30Stat Med728
Comparison of the metabolic effects of ritonavir-boosted darunavir or atazanavir versus raltegravir, and the impact of ritonavir plasma exposure: ACTG 5257.Ofotokun, Ighovwerha ; Na, Lumine H ; Landovitz, Raphael J ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; McComsey, Grace A ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Cohn, Susan E ; Sagar, Manish ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Brown, Todd T ; Patterson, Kristine B ; Para, Michael F ; Leavitt, Randi Y ; Villasis-Keever, Angelina ; Baugh, Bryan P ; Lennox, Jeffrey L ; Cu2015 Jun 15Clin Infect Dis1260
Comparison of Three Different FDA-Approved Plasma HIV-1 RNA Assay Platforms Confirms the Virologic Failure Endpoint of 200 Copies per Milliliter Despite Improved Assay Sensitivity.Lalama, Christina M ; Jennings, Cheryl ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Coombs, Robert W ; McKinnon, John E ; Bremer, James W ; Cobb, Bryan R ; Cloherty, Gavin A ; Mellors, John W ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group2015 AugJ Clin Microbiol853
A comparison of three initial antiretroviral AIDS regimens.Ribaudo, Heather J ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Gulick, Roy M2007 Sep 6N Engl J Med10357
Comparisons of anemia, thrombocytopenia, and neutropenia at initiation of HIV antiretroviral therapy in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.Firnhaber, Cynthia ; Smeaton, Laura ; Saukila, Nasinuku ; Flanigan, Timothy ; Gangakhedkar, Raman ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; La Rosa, Alberto ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; De Gruttola, Victor ; Hakim, James Gita ; Campbell, Thomas B2010 DecInt J Infect Dis1214
Compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis of oral amprenavir with secondary peaks.Okusanya, Olanrewaju ; Forrest, Alan ; DiFrancesco, Robin ; Bilic, Sanela ; Rosenkranz, Susan ; Para, Michael F ; Adams, Elizabeth ; Yarasheski, Kevin E ; Reichman, Richard C ; Morse, Gene D ; ACTG 5043 Protocol Team2007 MayAntimicrob Agents Chemother551
A computer-based, image-analysis method to quantify HIV-1 infection in a single-cycle infectious center assay.Day, John R ; Martínez, Laura E ; Sásik, Roman ; Hitchin, Douglas L ; Dueck, Megan E ; Richman, Douglas D ; Guatelli, John C2006 OctJ Virol Methods1137
Concurrent Anemia and Elevated C-Reactive Protein Predicts HIV Clinical Treatment Failure, Including Tuberculosis, After Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation.Shivakoti, Rupak ; Yang, Wei-Teng ; Gupte, Nikhil ; Berendes, Sima ; Rosa, Alberto La ; Cardoso, Sandra W ; Mwelase, Noluthando ; Kanyama, Cecilia ; Pillay, Sandy ; Samaneka, Wadzanai ; Riviere, Cynthia ; Sugandhavesa, Patcharaphan ; Santos, Brento ; Poongulali, Selvamuthu ; Tripathy, Srikanth ; Bollinger, Robert C ; Currier, Judith S ; Ta2015 Jul 1Clin Infect Dis161
Continued Elevation of Interleukin-18 and Interferon-γ After Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy and Clinical Failure in a Diverse Multicountry Human Immunodeficiency Virus Cohort.Balagopal, Ashwin ; Gupte, Nikhil ; Shivakoti, Rupak ; Cox, Andrea L ; Yang, Wei-Teng ; Berendes, Sima ; Mwelase, Noluthando ; Kanyama, Cecilia ; Pillay, Sandy ; Samaneka, Wadzanai ; Santos, Breno ; Poongulali, Selvamuthu ; Tripathy, Srikanth ; Riviere, Cynthia ; Lama, Javier R ; Cardoso, Sandra W ; Sugandhavesa, Patcharaphan ; Semba, Rich2016 SepOpen Forum Infect Dis33
Continued Slow Decay of the Residual Plasma Viremia Level in HIV-1-Infected Adults Receiving Long-term Antiretroviral Therapy.Riddler, Sharon A ; Aga, Evgenia ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Bastow, Barbara ; Bedison, Margaret ; Vagratian, David ; Vaida, Florin ; Eron, Joseph J ; Gandhi, Rajesh T ; Mellors, John W ; ACTG A5276s Protocol Team2016 Feb 15J Infect Dis4213
Continuing or adding IL-2 in patients treated with antiretroviral therapy (ACTG Protocol A5051, a rollover trial of ACTG Protocol A328).Bosch, Ronald J ; Pollard, Richard B ; Landay, Alan ; Aga, Evgenia ; Fox, Lawrence ; Mitsuyasu, Ronald2010AIDS Res Ther7
Contraceptive efficacy of oral and transdermal hormones when co-administered with protease inhibitors in HIV-1-infected women: pharmacokinetic results of ACTG trial A5188.Vogler, Mary A ; Patterson, Kristine ; Kamemoto, Lori ; Park, Jeong-Gun ; Watts, Heather ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Klingman, Karin L ; Cohn, Susan E2010 DecJ Acquir Immune Defic Syndr455
Controlling healthcare-associated infections in the international research setting.Godfrey, Catherine ; Villa, Christie ; Dawson, Liza ; Swindells, Susan ; Schouten, Jeffrey T2013 Apr 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr462
Cord blood lipids in infants born to HIV-1-infected women treated with combination antiretroviral therapy.Melvin, Ann J ; Kang, Minhee ; Hitti, Jane ; Livingston, Elizabeth ; Cohn, Susan E ; Stocker, Vicki ; Ross, Allison C ; Watts, Heather ; McComsey, Grace A2008Antivir Ther313
Correlates of epidermal nerve fiber densities in HIV-associated distal sensory polyneuropathy.Zhou, L ; Kitch, D W ; Evans, S R ; Hauer, P ; Raman, S ; Ebenezer, G J ; Gerschenson, M ; Marra, C M ; Valcour, V ; Diaz-Arrastia, R ; Goodkin, K ; Millar, L ; Shriver, S ; Asmuth, D M ; Clifford, D B ; Simpson, D M ; McArthur, J C ; NARC and ACTG A5117 Study Group2007 Jun 12Neurology2468
Correlates of protective cellular immunity revealed by analysis of population-level immune escape pathways in HIV-1.Carlson, Jonathan M ; Brumme, Chanson J ; Martin, Eric ; Listgarten, Jennifer ; Brockman, Mark A ; Le, Anh Q ; Chui, Celia K S ; Cotton, Laura A ; Knapp, David J H F ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Haubrich, Richard ; Nelson, George ; Pfeifer, Nico ; Deziel, Charles E ; Heckerman, David ; Apps, Richard ; Carrington, Mary ; Mallal, Simon ; Harrigan, 2012 DecJ Virol2486
The Cost-effectiveness and Budget Impact of 2-Drug Dolutegravir-Lamivudine Regimens for the Treatment of HIV Infection in the United States.Girouard, Michael P ; Sax, Paul E ; Parker, Robert A ; Taiwo, Babafemi ; Freedberg, Kenneth A ; Gulick, Roy M ; Weinstein, Milton C ; Paltiel, A David ; Walensky, Rochelle P2016 Mar 15Clin Infect Dis662
Cost-effectiveness of adding an agent that improves immune responses to initial antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV-infected patients: guidance for drug development.Morris, Bethany L ; Scott, Callie A ; Wilkin, Timothy J ; Sax, Paul E ; Gulick, Roy M ; Freedberg, Kenneth A ; Schackman, Bruce R2012 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials113
Cost-effectiveness of CYP2B6 genotyping to optimize efavirenz dosing in HIV clinical practice.Schackman, Bruce R ; Haas, David W ; Park, Sanghee S ; Li, X Cynthia ; Freedberg, Kenneth A2015 DecPharmacogenomics1816
C-reactive protein (CRP), interferon gamma-inducible protein 10 (IP-10), and lipopolysaccharide (LPS) are associated with risk of tuberculosis after initiation of antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings.Tenforde, Mark W ; Gupte, Nikhil ; Dowdy, David W ; Asmuth, David M ; Balagopal, Ashwin ; Pollard, Richard B ; Sugandhavesa, Patcharaphan ; Lama, Javier R ; Pillay, Sandy ; Cardoso, Sandra W ; Pawar, Jyoti ; Santos, Breno ; Riviere, Cynthia ; Mwelase, Noluthando ; Kanyama, Cecilia ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Hakim, James G ; Kumarasamy, Nagali2015PLoS One210
Cyclosporin A provides no sustained immunologic benefit to persons with chronic HIV-1 infection starting suppressive antiretroviral therapy: results of a randomized, controlled trial of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5138.Lederman, Michael M ; Smeaton, Laura ; Smith, Kim Y ; Rodriguez, Benigno ; Pu, Minya ; Wang, Hongying ; Sevin, Anne ; Tebas, Pablo ; Sieg, Scott F ; Medvik, Kathy ; Margolis, David M ; Pollard, Richard ; Ertl, Hildegund C J ; Valdez, Hernan2006 Dec 15J Infect Dis12194
Cystatin C-based renal function changes after antiretroviral initiation: a substudy of a randomized trial.Gupta, Samir K ; Kitch, Douglas ; Tierney, Camlin ; Daar, Eric S ; Sax, Paul E ; Melbourne, Kathleen ; Ha, Belinda ; McComsey, Grace A ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5224s Team2014 MarOpen Forum Infect Dis11
Cytokines and T-Cell Homeostasis in HIV Infection.Freeman, Michael L ; Shive, Carey L ; Nguyen, Thao P ; Younes, Souheil-Antoine ; Panigrahi, Soumya ; Lederman, Michael M2016 Oct 01J Infect Dis214 Suppl 2
Cytomegalovirus-specific immunity and protection against viremia and disease in HIV-infected patients in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy.Weinberg, Adriana ; Tierney, Camlin ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Patterson-Bartlett, Julie ; Erice, Alejo ; Hirsch, Martin S ; Polsky, Bruce ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group 360 Team2006 Feb 15J Infect Dis4193