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Abacavir/lamivudine versus tenofovir DF/emtricitabine as part of combination regimens for initial treatment of HIV: final results.Sax, Paul E ; Tierney, Camlin ; Collier, Ann C ; Daar, Eric S ; Mollan, Katie ; Budhathoki, Chakra ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Jahed, Nasreen C ; Myers, Laurie ; Katzenstein, David ; Farajallah, Awny ; Rooney, James F ; Ha, Belinda ; Woodward, William C ; Feinberg, Judith ; Tashima, Karen ; Murphy, Robert L ; Fischl, Margaret A ; AIDS Clinical 2011 Oct 15J Infect Dis8204
Abacavir-lamivudine versus tenofovir-emtricitabine for initial HIV-1 therapy.Sax, Paul E ; Tierney, Camlin ; Collier, Ann C ; Fischl, Margaret A ; Mollan, Katie ; Peeples, Lynne ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Jahed, Nasreen C ; Myers, Laurie ; Katzenstein, David ; Farajallah, Awny ; Rooney, James F ; Ha, Belinda ; Woodward, William C ; Koletar, Susan L ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Geiseler, P Jan ; Daar, Eric S ; AIDS Clinical 2009 Dec 3N Engl J Med23361
Acetyl-l-carnitine and nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-associated neuropathy in HIV infection.Valcour, V ; Yeh, T-M ; Bartt, R ; Clifford, D ; Gerschenson, M ; Evans, S R ; Cohen, B A ; Ebenezer, G J ; Hauer, P ; Millar, L ; Gould, M ; Tran, P ; Shikuma, C ; Souza, S ; McArthur, J C ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) 5157 protocol team2009 FebHIV Med210
Activity of newer triazoles against Histoplasma capsulatum from patients with AIDS who failed fluconazole.Wheat, L Joseph ; Connolly, Patricia ; Smedema, Melinda ; Durkin, Michelle ; Brizendine, Edward ; Mann, Paul ; Patel, Reena ; McNicholas, Paul M ; Goldman, Mitchell2006 JunJ Antimicrob Chemother657
Adaptation to different human populations by HIV-1 revealed by codon-based analyses.Pond, Sergei L Kosakovsky ; Frost, Simon D W ; Grossman, Zehava ; Gravenor, Michael B ; Richman, Douglas D ; Brown, Andrew J Leigh2006 Jun 23PLoS Comput Biol62
Adaptive interactions between HLA and HIV-1: highly divergent selection imposed by HLA class I molecules with common supertype motifs.John, Mina ; Heckerman, David ; James, Ian ; Park, Lawrence P ; Carlson, Jonathan M ; Chopra, Abha ; Gaudieri, Silvana ; Nolan, David ; Haas, David W ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Haubrich, Richard ; Mallal, Simon2010 Apr 15J Immunol8184
Addition of nitazoxanide to PEG-IFN and ribavirin to improve HCV treatment response in HIV-1 and HCV genotype 1 coinfected persons naïve to HCV therapy: results of the ACTG A5269 trial.Amorosa, Valerianna K ; Luetkemeyer, Anne ; Kang, Minhee ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Umbleja, Triin ; Haas, David W ; Yesmin, Suria ; Bardin, Matthew C ; Chung, Ray T ; Alston-Smith, Beverly ; Tebas, Pablo ; Peters, Marion G2013 Nov-DecHIV Clin Trials614
African mitochondrial DNA subhaplogroups and peripheral neuropathy during antiretroviral therapy.Canter, Jeffrey A ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Selph, Doug ; Clifford, David B ; Kallianpur, Asha R ; Shafer, Robert ; Levy, Shawn ; Murdock, Deborah G ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Haas, David W ; Hulgan, Todd ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 384 Team ; New Work Concept Sheet 273 Team2010 Jun 1J Infect Dis11201
Age-related changes in plasma concentrations of the HIV protease inhibitor lopinavir.Crawford, Keith W ; Spritzler, John ; Kalayjian, Robert C ; Parsons, Teresa ; Landay, Alan ; Pollard, Richard ; Stocker, Vicki ; Lederman, Michael M ; Flexner, Charles ; AIDS Clinical Trials Protocol 5015 Team2010 JunAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses626
AIDS clinical trials group 5197: a placebo-controlled trial of immunization of HIV-1-infected persons with a replication-deficient adenovirus type 5 vaccine expressing the HIV-1 core protein.Schooley, Robert T ; Spritzler, John ; Wang, Hongying ; Lederman, Michael M ; Havlir, Diane ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Pollard, Richard ; Battaglia, Cathy ; Robertson, Michael ; Mehrotra, Devan ; Casimiro, Danilo ; Cox, Kara ; Schock, Barbara ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5197 Study Team2010 Sep 1J Infect Dis5202
AIDS clinical trials group longitudinal linked randomized trials (ALLRT): rationale, design, and baseline characteristics.Smurzynski, Marlene ; Collier, Ann C ; Koletar, Susan L ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Wu, Kunling ; Bastow, Barbara ; Benson, Constance A2008 Jul-AugHIV Clin Trials49
Alendronate with calcium and vitamin D supplementation is safe and effective for the treatment of decreased bone mineral density in HIV.McComsey, Grace A ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Tebas, Pablo ; Swindells, Susan ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Alston-Smith, Beverly ; Suckow, Carol ; Gopalakrishnan, Geetha ; Benson, Constance ; Wohl, David A2007 Nov 30AIDS1821
Altered CD4+/CD8+ T-cell ratios in cerebrospinal fluid of natalizumab-treated patients with multiple sclerosis.Stüve, Olaf ; Marra, Christina M ; Bar-Or, Amit ; Niino, Masaaki ; Cravens, Petra D ; Cepok, Sabine ; Frohman, Elliot M ; Phillips, J Theodore ; Arendt, Gabriele ; Jerome, Keith R ; Cook, Linda ; Grand'Maison, Francois ; Hemmer, Bernhard ; Monson, Nancy L ; Racke, Michael K2006 OctArch Neurol1063
Altered Monocyte Phenotype in HIV-1 Infection Tends to Normalize with Integrase-Inhibitor-Based Antiretroviral Therapy.McCausland, Marie R ; Juchnowski, Steven M ; Zidar, David A ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Andrade, Adriana ; Sieg, Scott F ; Lederman, Michael M ; Funderburg, Nicholas T2015PLoS One1010
Amdoxovir versus placebo with enfuvirtide plus optimized background therapy for HIV-1-infected subjects failing current therapy (AACTG A5118).Gripshover, Barbara M ; Ribaudo, Heather ; Santana, Jorge ; Gerber, John G ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Jarocki, Bernadette ; Hammer, Scott M ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; A5118 Team2006Antivir Ther511
Analysis of genetic linkage of HIV from couples enrolled in the HIV Prevention Trials Network 052 trial.Eshleman, Susan H ; Hudelson, Sarah E ; Redd, Andrew D ; Wang, Lei ; Debes, Rachel ; Chen, Ying Q ; Martens, Craig A ; Ricklefs, Stacy M ; Selig, Ethan J ; Porcella, Stephen F ; Munshaw, Supriya ; Ray, Stuart C ; Piwowar-Manning, Estelle ; McCauley, Marybeth ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Hakim, James G ; Chariyalertsak, Su2011 Dec 15J Infect Dis12204
Anthropometric differences between HIV-infected individuals prior to antiretroviral treatment and the general population from 1998-2007: the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Longitudinal Linked Randomized Trials (ALLRT) cohort and NHANES.Atkinson, Benjamin E ; Krishnan, Supriya ; Cox, Gary ; Hulgan, Todd ; Collier, Ann C2013PLoS One68
Antiretroviral Drug Levels and Interactions Affect Lipid, Lipoprotein, and Glucose Metabolism in HIV-1 Seronegative Subjects: A Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis.Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Yarasheski, Kevin E ; Para, Michael F ; Reichman, Richard C ; Morse, Gene D2007 JunMetab Syndr Relat Disord25
Antiretroviral drug resistance in HIV-1-infected patients experiencing persistent low-level viremia during first-line therapy.Taiwo, Babafemi ; Gallien, Sebastien ; Aga, Evgenia ; Ribaudo, Heather ; Haubrich, Richard ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Eron, Joseph J2011 Aug 15J Infect Dis4204
Antiretroviral Effects on Host Lipoproteins Are Associated With Changes in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) RNA Levels in Human Immunodeficiency Virus/HCV Coinfected Individuals.Naggie, Susanna ; Patel, Keyur ; Yang, Lan-Yan ; Chow, Shein-Chung ; Johnson, Victoria ; Guyton, John R ; Muir, Andrew J ; Sulkowski, Mark ; Hicks, Charles2015 AprOpen Forum Infect Dis22
Antiretroviral initiation is associated with increased skeletal muscle area and fat content.Erlandson, Kristine M ; Fiorillo, Suzanne ; Masawi, Fadzai ; Scherzinger, Ann ; McComsey, Grace A ; Lake, Jordan E ; Stein, James H ; Currier, Judith S ; Brown, Todd T2017 Aug 24AIDS1331
Antiretroviral therapies in women after single-dose nevirapine exposure.Lockman, Shahin ; Hughes, Michael D ; McIntyre, James ; Zheng, Yu ; Chipato, Tsungai ; Conradie, Francesca ; Sawe, Fred ; Asmelash, Aida ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Mohapi, Lerato ; Stringer, Elizabeth ; Mngqibisa, Rosie ; Siika, Abraham ; Atwine, Diana ; Hakim, James ; Shaffer, Douglas ; Kanyama, Cecilia ; Wools-Kaloustian, Kara ; Salata, Ro2010 Oct 14N Engl J Med16363
Antiretroviral therapy and efficacy after virologic failure on first-line boosted protease inhibitor regimens.Zheng, Yu ; Hughes, Michael D ; Lockman, Shahin ; Benson, Constance A ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Gulick, Roy M ; Daar, Eric S ; Sax, Paul E ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Haubrich, Richard ; Salata, Robert A ; Currier, Judith S2014 Sep 15Clin Infect Dis659
Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1-infected children in Haiti.George, Erik ; Noël, Francine ; Bois, Gyrlande ; Cassagnol, Rachelle ; Estavien, Louise ; Rouzier, Patricia De Matteis ; Verdier, Rose I ; Johnson, Warren D ; Pape, Jean W ; Fitzgerald, Daniel W ; Wright, Peter F2007 May 15J Infect Dis10195
Antiretroviral Therapy for the Prevention of HIV-1 Transmission.Cohen, Myron S ; Chen, Ying Q ; McCauley, Marybeth ; Gamble, Theresa ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Hakim, James G ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Pilotto, Jose H S ; Godbole, Sheela V ; Chariyalertsak, Suwat ; Santos, Breno R ; Mayer, Kenneth H ; Hoffman, Irving F ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Piwowar-Manning2016 09 01N Engl J Med9375
Antiretroviral therapy in acute and recent HIV infection: a prospective multicenter stratified trial of intentionally interrupted treatment.Volberding, Paul ; Demeter, Lisa ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Aga, Evgenia ; Pettinelli, Carla ; Hirsch, Martin ; Vogler, Mary ; Martinez, Ana ; Little, Susan ; Connick, Elizabeth ; ACTG 371 Team2009 Sep 24AIDS1523
Antiviral drug resistance.Richman, Douglas D2006 SepAntiviral Res2-371
As-Needed versus Immediate Etoposide Chemotherapy in Combination with Antiretroviral Therapy for Mild or Moderate AIDS-associated Kaposi Sarcoma in Resource-Limited Settings: A5264/AMC-067 Randomized Clinical Trial.Hosseinipour, M C ; Kang, M ; Krown, S E ; Bukuru, A ; Umbleja, T ; Martin, J ; Orem, J ; Godfrey, C ; Hoagland, B ; Mwelase, N ; Langat, D ; Nyirenda, M ; MacRae, J ; Borok-Williams, M ; Samaneka, W ; Moses, A ; Mngqbisa, R ; Busakhala, N ; Martínez-Maza, O ; Ambinder, R ; Dittmer, D P ; Nokta, M ; Campbell, T B ; A5264/AMC-067 REACT-KS t2018 Jan 22Clin Infect Dis
Assessing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 tropism: Comparison of assays using replication-competent virus versus plasma-derived pseudotyped virions.Hosoya, Noriaki ; Su, Zhaohui ; Wilkin, Timothy ; Gulick, Roy M ; Flexner, Charles ; Hughes, Michael D ; Skolnik, Paul R ; Giguel, Francoise ; Greaves, Wayne L ; Coakley, Eoin ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R2009 AugJ Clin Microbiol847
Assessing multiple-group diagnostic problems with multi-dimensional receiver operating characteristic surfaces: application to proton MR Spectroscopy (MRS) in HIV-related neurological injury.Yiannoutsos, Constantin T ; Nakas, Christos T ; Navia, Bradford A ; proton MRS Consortium2008 Mar 1Neuroimage140
Association between efavirenz as initial therapy for HIV-1 infection and increased risk for suicidal ideation or attempted or completed suicide: an analysis of trial data.Mollan, Katie R ; Smurzynski, Marlene ; Eron, Joseph J ; Daar, Eric S ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Sax, Paul E ; Gulick, Roy M ; Na, Lumine ; O'Keefe, Lauren ; Robertson, Kevin R ; Tierney, Camlin2014 Jul 1Ann Intern Med1161
Association Between Frailty and Components of the Frailty Phenotype With Modifiable Risk Factors and Antiretroviral Therapy.Erlandson, Kristine M ; Wu, Kunling ; Koletar, Susan L ; Kalayjian, Robert C ; Ellis, Ronald J ; Taiwo, Babafemi ; Palella, Frank J ; Tassiopoulos, Katherine2017 03 15J Infect Dis6215
Association between paired plasma and cervicovaginal lavage fluid HIV-1 RNA levels during 36 months.Cu-Uvin, Susan ; Snyder, Brad ; Harwell, Joseph I ; Hogan, Joseph ; Chibwesha, Carla ; Hanley, Dawn ; Ingersoll, Jessica ; Kurpewski, Jaclynn ; Mayer, Kenneth H ; Caliendo, Angela M2006 Aug 15J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr542
Association between systemic inflammation and incident diabetes in HIV-infected patients after initiation of antiretroviral therapy.Brown, Todd T ; Tassiopoulos, Katherine ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Shikuma, Cecilia ; McComsey, Grace A2010 OctDiabetes Care1033
Association of efavirenz hypersusceptibility with virologic response in ACTG 368, a randomized trial of abacavir (ABC) in combination with efavirenz (EFV) and indinavir (IDV) in HIV-infected subjects with prior nucleoside analog experience.Demeter, Lisa M ; Degruttola, Victor ; Lustgarten, Stephanie ; Bettendorf, Daniel ; Fischl, Margaret ; Eshleman, Susan ; Spreen, William ; Nguyen, Bach-Yen ; Koval, Christine E ; Eron, Joseph J ; Hammer, Scott ; Squires, Kathleen2008 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials19
Association of HIV neutralizing antibody with lower viral load after treatment interruption in a prospective trial (A5170).McLinden, Robert J ; Paris, Robert M ; Polonis, Victoria R ; Close, Nicole C ; Su, Zhaohui ; Shikuma, Cecilia M ; Margolis, David M ; Kim, Jerome H2012 Jan 2AIDS126
Association of HIV viral load and CD4 cell count with human papillomavirus detection and clearance in HIV-infected women initiating highly active antiretroviral therapy.Kang, M ; Cu-Uvin, S2012 JulHIV Med613
Association of ongoing drug and alcohol use with non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy and higher risk of AIDS and death: results from ACTG 362.Cohn, Susan E ; Jiang, Hongyu ; McCutchan, J Allen ; Koletar, Susan L ; Murphy, Robert L ; Robertson, Kevin R ; de St Maurice, Annabelle M ; Currier, Judith S ; Williams, Paige L2011 JunAIDS Care623
Association study of common genetic variants and HIV-1 acquisition in 6,300 infected cases and 7,200 controls.McLaren, Paul J ; Coulonges, Cédric ; Ripke, Stephan ; van den Berg, Leonard ; Buchbinder, Susan ; Carrington, Mary ; Cossarizza, Andrea ; Dalmau, Judith ; Deeks, Steven G ; Delaneau, Olivier ; De Luca, Andrea ; Goedert, James J ; Haas, David ; Herbeck, Joshua T ; Kathiresan, Sekar ; Kirk, Gregory D ; Lambotte, Olivier ; Luo, Ma ; Mallal, 2013PLoS Pathog79
Associations among race/ethnicity, ApoC-III genotypes, and lipids in HIV-1-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy.Foulkes, Andrea S ; Wohl, David A ; Frank, Ian ; Puleo, Elaine ; Restine, Stephanie ; Wolfe, Megan L ; Dubé, Michael P ; Tebas, Pablo ; Reilly, Muredach P2006 MarPLoS Med33
Associations of inflammatory markers with AIDS and non-AIDS clinical events after initiation of antiretroviral therapy: AIDS clinical trials group A5224s, a substudy of ACTG A5202.McComsey, Grace A ; Kitch, Douglas ; Sax, Paul E ; Tierney, Camlin ; Jahed, Nasreen C ; Melbourne, Kathleen ; Ha, Belinda ; Brown, Todd T ; Bloom, Anthony ; Fedarko, Neal ; Daar, Eric S2014 Feb 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr265
Associations of Plasma Cytokine and Microbial Translocation Biomarkers With Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome.George, Varghese ; Harrison, Linda ; Roach, Margaret ; Li, Xiao-Dong ; Tierney, Camlin ; Fischl, Margaret A ; Aberg, Judith ; Tebas, Pablo ; Asmuth, David M ; Pollard, Richard B ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Pahwa, Savita ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5202 Study Team2017 Nov 27J Infect Dis9216
Associations of T cell activation and inflammatory biomarkers with virological response to darunavir/ritonavir plus raltegravir therapy.Taiwo, Babafemi ; Matining, Roy M ; Zheng, Lu ; Lederman, Michael M ; Rinaldo, Charles R ; Kim, Peter S ; Berzins, Baiba I ; Kuritzkes, Daniel R ; Jennings, Amy ; Eron, Joseph J ; Wilson, Cara C2013 AugJ Antimicrob Chemother868
Atazanavir plus ritonavir or efavirenz as part of a 3-drug regimen for initial treatment of HIV-1.Daar, Eric S ; Tierney, Camlin ; Fischl, Margaret A ; Sax, Paul E ; Mollan, Katie ; Budhathoki, Chakra ; Godfrey, Catherine ; Jahed, Nasreen C ; Myers, Laurie ; Katzenstein, David ; Farajallah, Awny ; Rooney, James F ; Pappa, Keith A ; Woodward, William C ; Patterson, Kristine ; Bolivar, Hector ; Benson, Constance A ; Collier, Ann C ; AIDS2011 Apr 5Ann Intern Med7154
Augmented HIV-specific interferon-gamma responses, but impaired lymphoproliferation during interruption of antiretroviral treatment initiated in primary HIV infection.Connick, Elizabeth ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Aga, Evgenia ; Schlichtemeier, Rick ; Demeter, Lisa M ; Volberding, Paul ; ACTG 709 Team2011 Sep 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr158