ACTG Publications

Associations among race/ethnicity, ApoC-III genotypes, and lipids in HIV-1-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy.Foulkes, Andrea S ; Wohl, David A ; Frank, Ian ; Puleo, Elaine ; Restine, Stephanie ; Wolfe, Megan L ; Dubé, Michael P ; Tebas, Pablo ; Reilly, Muredach P2006 MarPLoS Med33
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IL-15 promotes activation and expansion of CD8+ T cells in HIV-1 infection.Younes, Souheil-Antoine ; Freeman, Michael L ; Mudd, Joseph C ; Shive, Carey L ; Reynaldi, Arnold ; Panigrahi, Soumya ; Estes, Jacob D ; Deleage, Claire ; Lucero, Carissa ; Anderson, Jodi ; Schacker, Timothy W ; Davenport, Miles P ; McCune, Joseph M ; Hunt, Peter W ; Lee, Sulggi A ; Serrano-Villar, Sergio ; Debernardo, Robert L ; Jacobson,2016 Jul 01J Clin Invest7126
The major genetic determinants of HIV-1 control affect HLA class I peptide presentation.International HIV Controllers Study ; Pereyra, Florencia ; Jia, Xiaoming ; McLaren, Paul J ; Telenti, Amalio ; DE Bakker, Paul I W ; Walker, Bruce D ; Ripke, Stephan ; Brumme, Chanson J ; Pulit, Sara L ; Carrington, Mary ; Kadie, Carl M ; Carlson, Jonathan M ; Heckerman, David ; Graham, Robert R ; Plenge, Robert M ; Deeks, Steven G ; Giann2010 Dec 10Science6010330
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The mitochondrial pharmacogenomics of haplogroup T: MTND2*LHON4917G and antiretroviral therapy-associated peripheral neuropathy.Canter, J A ; Haas, D W ; Kallianpur, A R ; Ritchie, M D ; Robbins, G K ; Shafer, R W ; Clifford, D B ; Murdock, D G ; Hulgan, T2008 FebPharmacogenomics J18
A resampling-based approach to multiple testing with uncertainty in phase.Foulkes, Andrea S ; DeGruttola, Victor G2007Int J Biostat13
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