ACTG Publications

Multilocus genetic interactions and response to efavirenz-containing regimens: an adult AIDS clinical trials group study.Motsinger, Alison A ; Ritchie, Marylyn D ; Shafer, Robert W ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Morse, Gene D ; Labbe, Line ; Wilkinson, Grant R ; Clifford, David B ; D'Aquila, Richard T ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Pollard, Richard B ; Merigan, Thomas C ; Hirsch, Martin S ; Donahue, John P ; Kim, Richard B ; Haas, David W2006 NovPharmacogenet Genomics1116
Oral cyclosporin A inhibits CD4 T cell P-glycoprotein activity in HIV-infected adults initiating treatment with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.Hulgan, Todd ; Donahue, John P ; Smeaton, Laura ; Pu, Minya ; Wang, Hongying ; Lederman, Michael M ; Smith, Kimberly ; Valdez, Hernan ; Pilcher, Christopher ; Haas, David W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5138 Team2009 NovEur J Clin Pharmacol1165