ACTG Publications

Clinical and genetic determinants of plasma nevirapine exposure following an intrapartum dose to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.Vardhanabhuti, Saran ; Acosta, Edward P ; Ribaudo, Heather J ; Severe, Patrice ; Lalloo, Umesh ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeshwaran ; Taulo, Frank ; Kabanda, Joseph ; Oneko, Olola ; Ive, Prudence ; Sambarey, Pradeep ; Chan, Ellen S ; Hitti, Jane ; Hong, Francis ; McMahon, Deborah ; Haas, David W ; A5207 ACTG Study Team2013 Aug 15J Infect Dis4208
Cord blood lipids in infants born to HIV-1-infected women treated with combination antiretroviral therapy.Melvin, Ann J ; Kang, Minhee ; Hitti, Jane ; Livingston, Elizabeth ; Cohn, Susan E ; Stocker, Vicki ; Ross, Allison C ; Watts, Heather ; McComsey, Grace A2008Antivir Ther313
Examining the challenges and solutions to the implementation of trials in resource-limited settings: Limited Resource Trials.Blanchard-Horan, Christina ; Stocker, Vicki ; Moran, Laura ; Ferguson, Elaine Okubo ; Klingman, Karin L ; McMahon, Deborah ; Hitti, Jane2012 Jan 1Appl Clin Trials121
Frequency of Antiretroviral Resistance Mutations among Infants Exposed to Single-Dose Nevirapine and Short Course Maternal Antiretroviral Regimens: ACTG A5207.Hitti, Jane ; Halvas, Elias K ; Zheng, Lu ; Panousis, Constantinos G ; Kabanda, Joseph ; Taulo, Frank ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Pape, Jean William ; Lalloo, Umesh ; Sprenger, Heather ; Klingman, Karin L ; Chan, Ellen S ; McMahon, Deborah ; Mellors, John W2014 NovJ AIDS Clin Res115
Greater suppression of nevirapine resistance with 21- vs 7-day antiretroviral regimens after intrapartum single-dose nevirapine for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.McMahon, Deborah K ; Zheng, Lu ; Hitti, Jane ; Chan, Ellen S ; Halvas, Elias K ; Hong, Feiyu ; Kabanda, Joseph ; Taulo, Frank ; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran ; Bonhomme, Jerry ; Wallis, Carole L ; Klingman, Karin L ; Hughes, Michael D ; Mellors, John W2013 AprClin Infect Dis756
Increased mtDNA levels without change in mitochondrial enzymes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of infants born to HIV-infected mothers on antiretroviral therapy.McComsey, Grace A ; Kang, Minhee ; Ross, Allison C ; Lebrecht, Dirk ; Livingston, Elizabeth ; Melvin, Ann ; Hitti, Jane ; Cohn, Susan E ; Walker, Ulrich A ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A50842008 Mar-AprHIV Clin Trials29
Infant outcomes after maternal antiretroviral exposure in resource-limited settings.Nielsen-Saines, Karin ; Komarow, Lauren ; Cu-Uvin, Susan ; Jourdain, Gonzague ; Klingman, Karin L ; Shapiro, David E ; Mofenson, Lynne ; Moran, Laura ; Campbell, Thomas B ; Hitti, Jane ; Fiscus, Susan ; Currier, Judith ; ACTG 5190/PACTG 1054 Study Team2012 JunPediatrics6129
Protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy and glucose tolerance in pregnancy: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5084.Hitti, Jane ; Andersen, Janet ; McComsey, Grace ; Liu, Tun ; Melvin, Ann ; Smith, Laura ; Stek, Alice ; Aberg, Judith ; Hull, Andrew ; Alston-Smith, Beverly ; Watts, D Heather ; Livingston, Elizabeth ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5084 Study Team2007 AprAm J Obstet Gynecol4196
Safety and tolerability of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate among HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy: ACTG A5093.Watts, D Heather ; Park, Jeong-Gun ; Cohn, Susan E ; Yu, Song ; Hitti, Jane ; Stek, Alice ; Clax, Pamela A ; Muderspach, Laila ; Lertora, Juan J L2008 FebContraception277