ACTG Publications

Comparison of once-daily versus twice-daily combination antiretroviral therapy in treatment-naive patients: results of AIDS clinical trials group (ACTG) A5073, a 48-week randomized controlled trial.Flexner, Charles ; Tierney, Camlin ; Gross, Robert ; Andrade, Adriana ; Lalama, Christina ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Aberg, Judith ; Sanne, Ian ; Parsons, Teresa ; Kashuba, Angela ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Kmack, Anne ; Ferguson, Elaine ; Dehlinger, Marjorie ; Mildvan, Donna ; ACTG A5073 Study Team2010 Apr 1Clin Infect Dis750
Evidence that intermittent structured treatment interruption, but not immunization with ALVAC-HIV vCP1452, promotes host control of HIV replication: the results of AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5068.Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; Pat Bucy, R ; Spritzler, John ; Saag, Michael S ; Eron, Joseph J ; Coombs, Robert W ; Wang, Rui ; Fox, Lawrence ; Johnson, Victoria A ; Cu-Uvin, Susan ; Cohn, Susan E ; Mildvan, Donna ; O'Neill, Dorothy ; Janik, Jennifer ; Purdue, Lynette ; O'Connor, Deborah K ; Vita, Christine Di ; Frank, Ian ; National Institute of 2006 Sep 1J Infect Dis5194
HIV and aging.Shah, Sanjiv ; Mildvan, Donna2006 MayCurr Infect Dis Rep38
Measurement of naive CD4 cells reliably predicts potential for immune reconstitution in HIV.Schacker, Timothy W ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Bennett, Kara ; Pollard, Richard ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Collier, Ann C ; Gulick, Roy M ; Spritzler, John ; Mildvan, Donna ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group2010 May 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr154
Minorities remain underrepresented in HIV/AIDS research despite access to clinical trials.Castillo-Mancilla, Jose R ; Cohn, Susan E ; Krishnan, Supriya ; Cespedes, Michelle ; Floris-Moore, Michelle ; Schulte, Gail ; Pavlov, Gregory ; Mildvan, Donna ; Smith, Kimberly Y2014 Jan-FebHIV Clin Trials115
Modified directly observed antiretroviral therapy compared with self-administered therapy in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected patients: a randomized trial.Gross, Robert ; Tierney, Camlin ; Andrade, Adriana ; Lalama, Christina ; Rosenkranz, Susan ; Eshleman, Susan H ; Flanigan, Timothy ; Santana, Jorge ; Salomon, Nadim ; Reisler, Ronald ; Wiggins, Ilene ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Flexner, Charles ; Mildvan, Donna ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5073 Study Team2009 Jul 13Arch Intern Med13169
A randomized, partially blinded phase 2 trial of antiretroviral therapy, HIV-specific immunizations, and interleukin-2 cycles to promote efficient control of viral replication (ACTG A5024).Kilby, J Michael ; Bucy, R Pat ; Mildvan, Donna ; Fischl, Margaret ; Santana-Bagur, Jorge ; Lennox, Jeff ; Pilcher, Chris ; Zolopa, Andrew ; Lawrence, Jody ; Pollard, Richard B ; Habib, Raphaelle El ; Sahner, David ; Fox, Lawrence ; Aga, Evgenia ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Mitsuyasu, Ronald ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5024 Protocol Team2006 Dec 15J Infect Dis12194
A randomized therapeutic vaccine trial of canarypox-HIV-pulsed dendritic cells vs. canarypox-HIV alone in HIV-1-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy.Gandhi, Rajesh T ; O'Neill, David ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Chan, Ellen S ; Bucy, R Pat ; Shopis, Janet ; Baglyos, Lynn ; Adams, Elizabeth ; Fox, Lawrence ; Purdue, Lynette ; Marshak, Ann ; Flynn, Theresa ; Masih, Reena ; Schock, Barbara ; Mildvan, Donna ; Schlesinger, Sarah J ; Marovich, Mary A ; Bhardwaj, Nina ; Jacobson, Jeffrey M ; AIDS Clin2009 Oct 9Vaccine4327
Sex differences in the Toll-like receptor-mediated response of plasmacytoid dendritic cells to HIV-1.Meier, Angela ; Chang, J Judy ; Chan, Ellen S ; Pollard, Richard B ; Sidhu, Harlyn K ; Kulkarni, Smita ; Wen, Tom Fang ; Lindsay, Robert J ; Orellana, Liliana ; Mildvan, Donna ; Bazner, Suzane ; Streeck, Hendrik ; Alter, Galit ; Lifson, Jeffrey D ; Carrington, Mary ; Bosch, Ronald J ; Robbins, Gregory K ; Altfeld, Marcus2009 AugNat Med815
The virologic and immunologic effects of cyclosporine as an adjunct to antiretroviral therapy in patients treated during acute and early HIV-1 infection.Markowitz, Martin ; Vaida, Florin ; Hare, C Bradley ; Boden, Daniel ; Mohri, Hiroshi ; Hecht, Frederick M ; Kalayjian, Robert C ; Conrad, Ann ; Mildvan, Donna ; Aberg, Judith ; Hogan, Christine ; Kilby, J Michael ; Balfour, Henry H ; Schafer, Kim ; Richman, Douglas ; Little, Susan2010 May 1J Infect Dis9201