ACTG Publications

The setpoint study (ACTG A5217): effect of immediate versus deferred antiretroviral therapy on virologic set point in recently HIV-1-infected individuals.Hogan, Christine M ; Degruttola, Victor ; Sun, Xin ; Fiscus, Susan A ; Del Rio, Carlos ; Hare, C Bradley ; Markowitz, Martin ; Connick, Elizabeth ; Macatangay, Bernard ; Tashima, Karen T ; Kallungal, Beatrice ; Camp, Rob ; Morton, Tia ; Daar, Eric S ; Little, Susan ; A5217 Study Team2012 Jan 1J Infect Dis1205
The effect of AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 5164 on the time from Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia diagnosis to antiretroviral initiation in routine clinical practice: a case study of diffusion, dissemination, and implementation.Geng, Elvin H ; Kahn, James S ; Chang, Olivia C ; Hare, C Bradley ; Christopoulos, Katerina A ; Jones, Diane ; Petersen, Maya L ; Deeks, Steven G ; Havlir, Diane V ; Gandhi, Monica2011 NovClin Infect Dis1053
The virologic and immunologic effects of cyclosporine as an adjunct to antiretroviral therapy in patients treated during acute and early HIV-1 infection.Markowitz, Martin ; Vaida, Florin ; Hare, C Bradley ; Boden, Daniel ; Mohri, Hiroshi ; Hecht, Frederick M ; Kalayjian, Robert C ; Conrad, Ann ; Mildvan, Donna ; Aberg, Judith ; Hogan, Christine ; Kilby, J Michael ; Balfour, Henry H ; Schafer, Kim ; Richman, Douglas ; Little, Susan2010 May 1J Infect Dis9201
Detection of nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor-resistant HIV-1 after discontinuation of virologically suppressive antiretroviral therapy.Hare, C Bradley ; Mellors, John ; Krambrink, Amy ; Su, Zhaohui ; Skiest, Daniel ; Margolis, David M ; Patel, Sheran S ; Barnas, Douglas ; Frenkel, Lisa ; Coombs, Robert W ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Morse, Gene D ; Haas, David W ; Boltz, Valerie ; Palmer, Sarah ; Coffin, John ; Havlir, Diane V2008 Aug 1Clin Infect Dis347