ACTG Publications

Evaluation of Xpert MTB/RIF Versus AFB Smear and Culture to Identify Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Patients With Suspected Tuberculosis From Low and Higher Prevalence Settings.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Firnhaber, Cynthia ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Wu, Xingye ; Mazurek, Gerald H ; Benator, Debra A ; Arduino, Roberto ; Fernandez, Michel ; Guy, Elizabeth ; Johnson, Pamela ; Metchock, Beverly ; Sattler, Fred ; Telzak, Edward ; Wang, Yun F ; Weiner, Marc ; Swindells, Susan ; Sanne, Ian M ; Havlir, Diane V ; Grinsztejn, Beat2016 May 1Clin Infect Dis962
Biomarkers Associated with Death After Initiating Treatment for Tuberculosis and HIV in Patients with Very Low CD Cells.Sattler, Fred R ; Chelliah, Daniel ; Wu, Xingye ; Sanchez, Alejandro ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Lagat, David ; Lalloo, Umesh ; Veloso, Valdilea ; Havlir, Diane V ; Landay, Alan2018Pathog Immun13
Interruption of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected patients with preserved immune function is associated with a low rate of clinical progression: a prospective study by AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5170.Skiest, Daniel J ; Su, Zhaohui ; Havlir, Diane V ; Robertson, Kevin R ; Coombs, Robert W ; Cain, Pat ; Peterson, Tianna ; Krambrink, Amy ; Jahed, Nasreen ; McMahon, Deborah ; Margolis, David M ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5170 Study Team2007 May 15J Infect Dis10195
Evaluation of two line probe assays for rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, tuberculosis (TB) drug resistance, and non-TB Mycobacteria in HIV-infected individuals with suspected TB.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Wu, Xingye ; Lourenço, Maria Cristina ; Jentsch, Ute ; Swindells, Susan ; Qasba, Sarojini S ; Sanchez, Jorge ; Havlir, Diane V ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Sanne, Ian M ; Firnhaber, Cynthia ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5255 Study Team2014 AprJ Clin Microbiol452
Timing of antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 infection and tuberculosis.Havlir, Diane V ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Ive, Prudence ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Swindells, Susan ; Qasba, Sarojini S ; Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Rooney, James F ; Wu, Xingye ; Hosseinipour, Mina C ; Lalloo, Umesh ; Veloso, Valdilea G ; Some, Fatuma F ; Kumarasamy, N ; Padayatchi, Nesri ; Santos, Breno R ; Reid, Stewart ; Hakim, Ja2011 Oct 20N Engl J Med16365
The effect of AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 5164 on the time from Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia diagnosis to antiretroviral initiation in routine clinical practice: a case study of diffusion, dissemination, and implementation.Geng, Elvin H ; Kahn, James S ; Chang, Olivia C ; Hare, C Bradley ; Christopoulos, Katerina A ; Jones, Diane ; Petersen, Maya L ; Deeks, Steven G ; Havlir, Diane V ; Gandhi, Monica2011 NovClin Infect Dis1053
Relationship between weight, efavirenz exposure, and virologic suppression in HIV-infected patients on rifampin-based tuberculosis treatment in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 STRIDE Study.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Lu, Darlene ; Marzan, Florence ; Ive, Prudence ; Hogg, Evelyn ; Swindells, Susan ; Benson, Constance A ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Sanne, Ian M ; Havlir, Diane V ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 Study Team2013 AugClin Infect Dis457
A randomized trial of treatment interruption before optimized antiretroviral therapy for persons with drug-resistant HIV: 48-week virologic results of ACTG A5086.Benson, Constance A ; Vaida, Florin ; Havlir, Diane V ; Downey, Gerald F ; Lederman, Michael M ; Gulick, Roy M ; Glesby, Marshall J ; Wantman, Michael ; Bixby, Christian J ; Rinehart, Alex R ; Snyder, Sally ; Wang, Rui ; Patel, Sheran ; Mellors, John W ; ACTG A5086 Study Team2006 Nov 1J Infect Dis9194
Tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in A5221 STRIDE: timing, severity, and implications for HIV-TB programs.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Kendall, Michelle A ; Nyirenda, Mulinda ; Wu, Xingye ; Ive, Prudence ; Benson, Constance A ; Andersen, Janet W ; Swindells, Susan ; Sanne, Ian M ; Havlir, Diane V ; Kumwenda, Johnstone ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 Study Team2014 Apr 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr465
Initial viral decay to assess the relative antiretroviral potency of protease inhibitor-sparing, nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-sparing, and nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-sparing regimens for first-line therapy of HIV infectionHaubrich, Richard H ; Riddler, Sharon A ; Ribaudo, Heather ; Direnzo, Gregory ; Klingman, Karin L ; Garren, Kevin W ; Butcher, David L ; Rooney, James F ; Havlir, Diane V ; Mellors, John W ; AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) A5160 and A5142 Study Teams2011 Nov 28AIDS1825
Detection of nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor-resistant HIV-1 after discontinuation of virologically suppressive antiretroviral therapy.Hare, C Bradley ; Mellors, John ; Krambrink, Amy ; Su, Zhaohui ; Skiest, Daniel ; Margolis, David M ; Patel, Sheran S ; Barnas, Douglas ; Frenkel, Lisa ; Coombs, Robert W ; Aweeka, Francesca ; Morse, Gene D ; Haas, David W ; Boltz, Valerie ; Palmer, Sarah ; Coffin, John ; Havlir, Diane V2008 Aug 1Clin Infect Dis347
Combined effect of CYP2B6 and NAT2 genotype on plasma efavirenz exposure during rifampin-based antituberculosis therapy in the STRIDE study.Luetkemeyer, Anne F ; Rosenkranz, Susan L ; Lu, Darlene ; Grinsztejn, Beatriz ; Sanchez, Jorge ; Ssemmanda, Michael ; Sanne, Ian ; McIlleron, Helen ; Havlir, Diane V ; Haas, David W ; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5221 and A5243 Study Teams2015 Jun 15Clin Infect Dis1260