ACTG Publications

Factors associated with early study discontinuation in AACTG studies, DACS 200.Andersen, Janet W ; Fass, Robert ; van der Horst, Charles2007 SepContemp Clin Trials528
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Prior illicit drug use and missed prenatal vitamins predict nonadherence to antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy: adherence analysis A5084.Cohn, Susan E ; Umbleja, Triin ; Mrus, Joseph ; Bardeguez, Arlene D ; Andersen, Janet W ; Chesney, Margaret A2008 JanAIDS Patient Care STDS122
Prevalence and persistence of cervical human papillomavirus infection in HIV-positive women initiating highly active antiretroviral therapy.Fife, Kenneth H ; Wu, Julia W ; Squires, Kathleen E ; Watts, D Heather ; Andersen, Janet W ; Brown, Darron R2009 Jul 1J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr351
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