Alexis Sexton, MBA, MPH

Executive Director, ACTG

Alexis R. Sexton, MBA, MPH is the Executive Director of the ACTG Leadership and Operations Center at UCLA. She received her Master in Public Health from San Diego State University and her Master in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.Before joining the LOC, Alexis spent over a decade honing her skills within the University of California’s Health System, where she deliberately chose positions in areas of development and growth. This environment fostered a deep understanding of relationships, and the nuances of managing said relationships with respect to resources and the challenges therein. Her previous experience managing research in the Divisions of: Infectious Diseases, Hemophilia, and Neuromodulation exposed her to various funding agencies, developing her broad background in research development, management, monitoring, and support. When not at the LOC, you can find her baking, wrangling her two unruly cats, or training in Krav Maga.