A Message from the Future ACTG Network Chair Dr. Judith Currier

A Look Ahead to the Future of the ACTG Network

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the new Chair of the ACTG Network. I am grateful to Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes for his leadership during his tenure as Chair and for his support of me in my new role. He has been an outstanding leader for the Network and I am pleased that he will continue to participate in our efforts. It has been my honor to help guide the research agenda as Chair of the ACTG Scientific Agenda Steering Committee (SASC) for the past seven years. During this time, we have successfully expanded our research agenda to encompass the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, inflammation and co-morbidities, and to address strategies for a cure and novel strategies for antiretroviral therapy. We are now poised to make high impact contributions to the field across each of these areas. I am also very much looking forward to working with Dr. Joseph Eron as he takes over the leadership of the SASC. His vast experience as an investigator and his comprehensive knowledge of HIV therapeutics are a tremendous asset for the Network. 

The greatest resource of the ACTG Network is the people who collaborate to address our mission. An important aspect of the role of Chair is to recognize and support the contributions of all the constituents who make up the Network. This includes the dedicated and talented investigators in the clinic and in the laboratory, the hard-working experienced research staff at the sites and operations centers, the committed community members and our partners at the Division of AIDS, in Industry and from outside groups. I look forward to serving the ACTG Network to help us achieve our mission to cure HIV infection and reduce the burden of disease due to HIV infection and its complications.


Dr. Judith Currier