Performance Evaluation Committee

The Performance Evaluation Committee (PEC) is responsible for developing criteria and implementing processes for assessing the structural components of the ACTG including the Leadership Operations Center (LOC); Network Coordinating Center (NCC); Statistical and Data Management Center (SDMC); laboratories, both specialty based and site specimen processing; and clinical research sites (CRSs). The PEC draws insight and expertise from a membership that encompasses the Network’s CRSs, laboratories, SDMC, NCC, and community representatives.

The PEC monitors performance with a continuous cycle of monthly reviews and formal interim and annual evaluations. Ongoing review and analysis of performance data allow the committee to identify potential issues, provide real-time technical support and assistance, and make recommendations for process improvements to facilitate the efficient execution of the Network’s scientific agenda. The PEC provides recommendations to the AEC on the overall performance of all key elements of the ACTG to ensure efficient development, implementation, and completion of clinical trials and the publication of trial results.


Last updated: 03/09/17