Performance Evaluation Committee

The Performance Evaluation Committee's (PEC's) roles and responsibilities include site performance evaluation and evaluation of all key ACTG components, including the ACTG Executive Committee, Operations Center, Data Management Center, Network Laboratories, Scientific and Resource Committees, protocol teams (in conjunction with the Scientific Agenda Steering Committee and the Scientific Committees), and clinical research sites. A Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) component is comprised within the Site Evaluation Subcommittee to oversee and assure data quality at the site level. The PEC oversees all monitoring and evaluation tasks, reviews data collected by the DAIDS Clinical Site Monitoring Group, and revises performance criteria and standards to assure consistent data quality and site performance. The PEC provides recommendations to the Executive Committee on the overall performance of all key elements of the ACTG to ensure efficient development, implementation, execution, completion, and publication of clinical trials. The PEC also interacts with the other NIAID-funded networks to standardize performance evaluation metrics.