Scientific Agenda Steering Committee

The Scientific Agenda Steering Committee (SASC) oversees all aspects of the development, refinement, and conduct of the ACTG's scientific agenda and research plan and the scientific work and research plan of the Network laboratory. The SASC also oversees and coordinates the activities of the Scientific Committees and makes recommendations to the ACTG Executive Committee regarding resource allocation for support of protocols among the Scientific Committees.

The SASC is responsible for the final review and approval of all concept proposals to prioritize, coordinate, and integrate the planned research within the context of other planned and ongoing studies and to evaluate the availability of participant, clinical, laboratory, and site resources within the ACTG to conduct the proposed study. The SASC also ensures the review of all protocols in development near their final versions to evaluate study design, feasibility, and resource utilization, including the protocol budgets. The SASC is responsible for making final decisions on behalf of the Executive Committee to implement protocols within the ACTG and, when necessary, to prematurely close a protocol. The SASC also periodically reviews Scientific Committee recommendations for the disposition of slowly accruing or poorly performing protocols, delayed publications, site selection for limited-site protocols, revisions to the scientific agendas of the Scientific Committees, and other such activities as are necessary to facilitate the timely implementation and conduct of the research agenda of the ACTG.