Executive Committee

The ACTG Executive Committee (AEC) is the primary governing body of the ACTG Network and is ultimately responsible for all scientific, administrative, and fiscal decisions on behalf of the Network. The AEC oversees (through the activities of the Scientific Agenda Steering Committee) the scientific direction and research agendas of the ACTG and is responsible for oversight of all clinical trials activities and timely analysis and dissemination of study results. The AEC develops and implements bylaws, policies, and procedures of the network. Through the Performance Evaluation Committee (PEC), the AEC establishes standards of performance for the Leadership and Operations Center; the Network Coordinating Center (NCC); the Statistical and Data Management Center the Scientific, Laboratory, and Resource Committees; the Network Laboratories (NL); and the Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) and Clinical Research Sites (CRSs). The AEC oversees the allocation of resources of the Network Leadership Group Grant and the management of ACTG financial and other resources, including protocol implementation funds provided to the CTUs/CRSs.