Site Management & Clinical Care

The Site Management and Clinical Care Committee (SMCCC) oversees logistical processes essential for successful implementation and completion of the ACTG scientific agenda. The SMCCC provides practical advice and technical expertise in the areas of participant care, data collection and management, and site operations as they relate to the safe and successful execution of ACTG clinical trials. The SMCCC provides training and education for site personnel to achieve optimal protocol operation, enhanced collection of quality data, including specimen collection and processing. The SMCCC trains site staff who participate as protocol team Field Representatives during protocol development. The SMCCC also provides site management support by identifying

  • ways to optimize the recruitment and retention of study participants
  • means to educate study volunteers and clinical staff
  • strategies that consider the psychosocial needs of study participants to enhance protocol adherence.

The committee is composed of site staff, including both domestic and international study coordinators, research nurses, data management personnel, pharmacists and representatives of allied organizations including DAIDS, FSTRF and community representatives.

There are five subcommittees: Outreach, Recruitment and Retention; Pharmacy; Protocol Development and Implementation; Site Operations; and Training and Education.