Global Community Advisory Board

The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Global Community Advisory Board Committee Overview

The Global Community Advisory Board (GCAB) represents community concerns in the ACTG. There has been community representation in the network since 1990. The GCAB was formed in March of 2009, as a new community structure within the ACTG, to provide a forum for community interests in the ACTG. The mission of the Global Community Advisory Board of the ACTG is to integrate community involvement in the AIDS Clinical Research Sites (CRSs) in order to advance HIV/AIDS research. GCAB provides an opportunity for affected communities, especially clinical trials participants to:

  • Understand the clinical research process;
  • Voice concerns regarding specific clinical studies, their development, implementation and outcomes;
  • Give assistance concerning issues related to the accrual and retention of trial participants;
  • Give clinical trial participants necessary advocacy;
  • Forge a viable partnership that will lead to improved knowledge of HIV/AIDS disease;
  • Give a means to address grievance issues; and
  • Promote ethical research purposes and practices.

The GCAB is comprised of a member from each ACTG CRS CAB and thus represents the community of the entire network. Issues discussed within the GCAB are support of community outreach, education and participation in research. GCAB members are selected by their CRS CABs and serve two year terms. CGAB members may also be selected to serve on the non-scientific ACTG committees.

Participation by the community on ACTG committees and protocols is conducted through the Community Scientific Subcommittee (CSS) of the GCAB.