Our Mission

The mission of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Network is to cure HIV and reduce the burden of disease due to HIV infection and its complications, including tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

The mission of the ACTG’s web properties is to support the ACTG Network through the effective use of internet and social media technology to provide timely and valuable information to our global users, including: HIV/AIDS research networks, clinical research sites, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, data management center, investigators, community members, and other organizations.  The ACTG’s web properties are comprised of the public and member websites and a file-sharing portal website.

Specific goals for the ACTG’s web properties include:
  • Enhancing the ACTG Network’s presence on the internet by broadening information on ACTG’s studies, sites, committees, communities, laboratories, publications, and other entities;
  • Providing news and information relating to the ACTG network’s events and activities;
  • Developing automated processes for protocol development and management performance evaluation, as well as abstract, manuscript, and publication submissions;
  • Enhancing dashboard and reporting capabilities;
  • Allowing online application submissions;
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration among ACTG users worldwide.