HIV in the News

Published on: May 24, 2016
A surveillance supplemental report to complement the 2014 HIV Surveillance Report by presenting data on diagnoses of HIV infection among persons aged 50 years and older in the United States and 6 dependent areas.
Published on: May 23, 2016
This website and fact sheet describe the risk of getting HIV through oral sex and includes steps one can take to reduce one's risk.
Published on: May 19, 2016
This is an updated version of the exisiting Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders fact sheet.
Published on: May 16, 2016
HIV Infection among Asians in the United States and Dependent Areas.
Published on: May 16, 2016
CDC's Division of Tuberculosis Elimination is excited to launch our new tuberculosis website!
Published on: April 29, 2016
This report includes HIV testing data from 61 CDC-funded health departments jurisdictions and 151 directly funded community based organizations.
Published on: April 28, 2016
Brochure for persons taking PrEP describing importance of taking daily doses and ways to help do that.
Published on: April 28, 2016
Outlines options for paying for PrEP care for persons with or without health insurance.
Published on: April 27, 2016
The purpose of this document is to provide implementation guidance for programs directly funded by CDC interested in implementing new or expanding existing syringe services programs (SSPs) for persons who inject drugs (PWID).
Published on: April 21, 2016
This fact sheet provides statistical data and information about HIV and Tuberculosis.