HIV in the News

Published on: June 23, 2017
Make those telephone calls on Monday, June 26. Here’s whom to call and what to say. Actually, make those calls every day!
Published on: June 22, 2017
Plus: Two PACHA members explain why they remained or resigned as AIDS advisers to the White House.
Published on: June 22, 2017
The update includes a new combination therapy that can treat all six genotypes of HCV, a new HIV medication and PrEP.
Published on: June 22, 2017
About 2,800 bicyclists completed the seven-day trek in support of these HIV services in California.
Published on: June 21, 2017
This year’s college-themed burlesque-style show was a class act of 181 dancers. Watch the sizzling highlights here.
Published on: June 20, 2017
Here’s why you need to tell your doc about any sex and drug use. Plus: Read the 10 rights in NYC’s LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights.
Published on: June 19, 2017
Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS have stepped down because Trump “simply does not care.”
Published on: June 19, 2017
Russia has the third-highest number of new HIV infections globally, after South Africa and Nigeria.
Published on: June 16, 2017
Daniel Dyviniak is a finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest—and here’s how you can vote for him!
Published on: June 14, 2017
Julia Stambler knows that Sheen’s undetectable status—plus the use of protection—means she won’t contract the virus.