The ACTG Network is the largest HIV/AIDS clinical trials group in the world.  We currently have 34 US and 30 non-US clinical research sites.  The ACTG Network is committed to conducting high quality and robust clinical trials in order to achieve our mission of reducing the burden of disease due to HIV, tuberculosis, and viral hepatitis.  To ensure efficient implementation of the ACTG’s broad scientific, therapeutic, and pathogenesis-based research agenda, we created a committee structure consisting of Executive level, Scientific, Resource and Laboratory committees.  Each committee is charged with a specific goal, bringing to the ACTG a wide range of experts in specific fields, principal investigators, community members, clinical trials specialists and network leadership.  The overarching goal of all the ACTG committees is to ensure the network’s scientific agenda remains at the forefront of our research and to prioritize new and emerging scientific insights applicable to our patient populations.  Additionally, our committees formulate and develop new protocols; oversee activities of ongoing ACTG clinical trials, including the timely analysis and dissemination of study results; and identify solutions to optimize operations at the site and network levels.

     •Executive Level Committees

     •Scientific Committees

     •Resource Committees