• James Weihe, MD

    February 2, 2021 Alexis Sexton In Memorium

    1950 – 2020

    James Weihe, MD

    It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of James Weihe, MD. James was a member of the, now, Community Scientific Subcommittee (CSS) from 1997 to 2001, a Community Advisory Board (CAB) member at the former ACTG site in Hawaii and remained active with the Neurology Committee for many years. He was also a community representative to the AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC). His impact lives on even while he will be missed dearly.

  • Larry Kramer

    February 2, 2021 Alexis Sexton In Memorium

    1935 – 2020

    Larry Kramer

    The ACTG joins the HIV community in mourning Larry Kramer’s passing. Called “one of America’s most valuable troublemakers” by Susan Sontag, he helped bring early awareness to the HIV epidemic in the United States and remained a fierce advocate to improve the lives of people living with HIV throughout his life. He passed away at the age of 84 of pneumonia in Manhattan, NY.

  • Gita Ramjee, MD

    February 2, 2021 Alexis Sexton In Memorium

    1957 – 2020

    Gita Ramjee, MD

    We are writing to share the sad news about the passing of one of our very dearest colleagues, Gita Ramjee. The cause of death is from complications of COVID-19. Words cannot express the sorrow we feel. Gita was a tremendous force within the field and was part of the MTN family from day one. As you all know she directed the MRC CTU in Durban for many years, and in May 2019 refocused her efforts toward spending more time with her sons living in London and enjoying her grandson who is about 6 months old. Gita had a tremendous passion for HIV prevention and she cared deeply about addressing the disparities in HIV incidence in young women. It wasn’t too long ago that she wrote in an email, “It has been a long road with many ups and downs but we have forged along with strong determination.” She was always impeccably dressed. She always had a beautiful manicure. She always had a big smile. We will always appreciate her role in the MTN family.

    We will miss Gita and wish her family comfort during this time of unfathomable loss.


    This information was provided by MTN.

  • Dr. Charles (Charlie) van der Horst

    February 2, 2021 Alexis Sexton In Memorium

    1925 – 2019

    Dr. Charles (Charlie) van der Horst led the UNC ACTG site until 2002 and served in multiple leadership roles in the network until his retirement in 2014. Charlie was a dedicated clinician and activist investigator who made important contributions to studies to improve treatment and prevention for opportunistic infections, most notably Cryptococcal meningitis and PCP. He was committed to the expansion of ART to underserved populations from rural NC to southern Africa. He led one of the largest single-center studies of prevention of vertical transmission (in Malawi) and he and his trainees improved treatments for cryptococcal infection around the globe. Charlie was a driving force in the efforts to establish an international component of the ACTG network in 2000. Charlie will be remembered for his compassion and commitment and for his unrelenting desire to make the world a better place for all.

  • Kevin Robertson, PhD

    February 2, 2021 Alexis Sexton In Memorium

    1957 – 2019

    Kevin Robertson, PhD, Professor of Neurology and the director of the AIDS Neurological Center at the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, was a dedicated investigator and passionate mentor in the ACTG, past chair of the Neurology Collaborative Science Group, and protocol team chair and member for several important studies. Kevin led global research initiatives in neurological complications of HIV and trained clinicians and researchers all over the world to establish research capacity in neuropsychological testing in Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, India, Thailand, Peru, and Zimbabwe. He was passionate about studying the relationships among HIV cognitive disorders, ART and inflammation and HIV persistence in the CNS and most recently was the co-first author on “Persistent HIV-infected cells in cerebrospinal fluid are associated with poorer neurocognitive performance,” a Journal of Clinical Investigation paper highlighted below. We will miss Kevin’s brilliant mind and sharp wit, his thoughtfulness, respect for colleagues and enduring commitment to mentoring young investigators around the world.

  • ACTG Adds New Agent to ACTIV-2 Trial Investigating Early COVID-19 Treatments

    January 5, 2021 Alexis Sexton Spotlight

    The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), the largest global HIV research   network, today announced the addition of a new agent to the ACTIV-2 Outpatient Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Therapies Trial. This phase 2 study, which is being led by the ACTG, will evaluate the combination of the two monoclonal antibodies BRII-196 and BRII-198 to treat early COVID-19. ACTIV-2 includes both phase 2 and phase 3 evaluations of multiple promising investigational agents for treating early, symptomatic COVID-19 in a single trial. For information about enrolling in the trial, please visit the study website.

    For more information click here.

  • NIH Re-Funds ACTG for the Next Seven Years

    December 9, 2020 Alexis Sexton Spotlight

    The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), the largest global HIV research network, has been re-funded for the next seven years by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and collaborating NIH Institutes. The group is led by Judith Currier, M.D., M.Sc, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Joseph Eron M.D., Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina. The Operations Center is based at UCLA.

    Read more about this here.

  • Ned Sacktor

    December 1, 2020 Alexis Sexton Spotlight

    We learned the sad news on Monday that our colleague Dr. Ned Sacktor passed away on November 11, 2020 from pancreatic cancer. Ned was a neurologist and investigator at the Johns Hopkins University ACTG CRS for 20 years. During that time, he contributed to carrying out the ACTG’s neurology agenda as a long-standing member and former chair of the neurology committee and as a protocol leader or member on several neurology protocols. We extend our heart-felt condolences to his wife and daughters and to his colleagues from around the globe.

  • 2020 ACTG Awards

    November 24, 2020 Alexis Sexton Spotlight

    On November 16, 2020, the ACTG virtually presented the 2020 ACTG Awards. This year we have two new awards in honor of ACTG investigators and leaders who recently passed away. The following recipients have exemplified each award they received. Congratulations to all who were nominated and those who were selected! View the full virtual presentation HERE!

    To see the full list of awardees click here.

  • ACTG Presents Data Showing Minimal Monitoring Approach to Hepatitis C Treatment is Safe and Successful at AASLD’s 2020 Liver Meeting

    November 16, 2020 Alexis Sexton Spotlight

    The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), the world’s largest and longest established HIV research network, presented today The “Keep it Simple and Safe” Approach to HCV Treatment: Primary Outcomes from the ACTG A5360 (MINMON) Study at AASLD’s virtual 2020 Liver Meeting. The study found that in a diverse, global patient population, a minimal monitoring (MINMON) approach to hepatitis C treatment was safe and achieved comparable sustained virologic response (SVR) to current standard of care. To read more click here.