Antiretroviral Therapy Strategies Transformative Science Group

The Antiretroviral Therapy Strategies Transformative Science Group has responsibility for overseeing assigned studies within the ACTG, both in the US and internationally.

Specific Priorities are:

1. Evaluate novel antiretroviral strategies to optimize their use globally, including application to adherence-challenged key populations, with a goal of durable virologic suppression for all adults.  Priority categories include:
           A. Novel long-acting antiviral drugs and formulations

           B.  Broadly neutralizing and other monoclonal antibodies with anti HIV activity

          C.  Other agents with novel mechanisms of action

2. Evaluate antiviral and non-antiviral based interventions and strategies (including novel combinations of biomedical and behavioral modalities) to sustain engagement in HIV care and virologic suppression

3. Create partnerships to evaluate promising technology, interventions and strategies designed to implement efficacious therapeutics

4. Evaluate pharmacokinetic interactions of antiviral agents with other compounds of interest

5. Partner with other networks to strengthen or broaden the evaluation of novel treatment strategies with regard to their prevention applications

6. Assist in evaluation of novel therapeutic agents for emerging infectious diseases as needed