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April 2023: This month’s newsletter features profiles on ACTG investigators Kristine Erlandson, lab director Gary Maartens, community member Anne Njoroge, and the Nutrición-Mexico CRS, as well as news about an upcoming hepatitis TSG workshop and two press releases announcing new ACTG publications.

March 2023: This month to celebrate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day the ACTG Community Women’s Working group will be hosting a webinar event. We have updates on the 29 presentations made by ACTG investigators at this year’s CROI conference. The newsletter also featured profiles on ACTG investigators, Jennifer Price and Jonathan Li. Study DR 021 was highlighted for our publications along with an enrollment milestone on our Phase 2 A5362 study.

February 2023: This month to celebrate Black History Month and National Black AIDS Awareness Day we had two ACTG members that were generous enough to share their perspectives on NBHAAD with our community. The newsletter announced that it will make 29 presentations at this year’s CROI conference. The newsletter also featured a profile on Peter Thibodeaux, an ACTG GCAB Representative, and an enrollment milestone update on our Phase 3 A5300B PHOENIx trial.

January 2023: This month to ring off the new year we showed off some of the highlights for our enrollment numbers in 2022. We also shared the details for the upcoming annual ACTG meeting in June. The newsletter this month features an in depth profile on the CDCRC team at UCLA Harbor. And finally, we highlighted study protocols A5359, A5386, and A5391 with the Red Ribbon Registry.

December 2022: This month for World AIDS Day, we are excited to share a diverse group of ACTG voices describing what World AIDS Day means to them. We also shared thoughts on the retirement of Dr. Anthony Fauci from his role as the leader of the NIAID. The newsletter includes an update from the ACTG’s annual Leadership Conference including awards presented to Beatriz Grinsztejn, M.D., P.h.D. and Sara Gianella Weibel, M.D., M.Sc., A.C.L.S. The newsletter highlights two important publications from ACTIV-2 and features profiles on Moses Supercharger, an ACTG CAB Representative; the directors of the University of Pittsburgh Immunology Specialty Lab; and Annie Luetkemeyer, M.D., a Professor of Medicine in the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital at University of California, San Francisco.

November 2022: There were lots of announcements in this newsletter; ACTG made 4 presentations at IDWeek, A5379 showed positive data on the Hepatitis B vaccine, and we also shared data from ACTIV-2 on Covid-19. Russell Campbell was promoted to Director of HANC and Jan Kosmyna also wrote a community profile on her journey to being appointed to the new GCAB Co-chair. Kelly Dooley, Amita Gupta, and Sara Bares all won awards. The November newsletter also includes a feature piece by Chanelle Wimbish of DLH Corp on their team’s participation in the 36th Annual Walk to End HIV in October. The newsletter highlighted important publications from the ACTG’s REPRIEVE trial study and the A5274 studies on TB. There were profiles on Peter Anderson and Jennifer Kiser, the directors of the new Antiviral Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory at the University of Colorado.

October 2022: The October newsletter featured a press release from the ACTG announcing the launch of A5418 or STOMP, a new monkeypox treatment trial and featured profiles on community members Stanford Chimutimunzeve and Danielle Campbell, who both advised on the study. It included a feature piece by Angel Hernandez of the GCAB, who wrote about National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day. The newsletter highlighted important publications from the ACTG’s DELIBERATE, REPRIEVE, and A5288 studies and featured a profile on Nilu Goonetilleke, the director of the new Immunology Specialty Laboratory at UNC.

September 2022: The September newsletter featured several recent press releases from the ACTG and a piece about the TB TSG member-in-training program. The newsletter highlighted important publications from the ACTG’s MOXIE and REPRIEVE studies and featured profiles on investigator Tim Wilkin, M.D., M.P.H., community member Kibalama Ibrahim, and Cheryl Day, Ph.D., director of the new Emory Immunology Specialty Laboratory. It also included reminders to take our survey for the new public website redesign and that committee nominations are open.

July 2022: The July newsletter featured a number of ACTG updates, including a piece announcing the renaming of UW CRS to become UW Positive Research and a piece describing ACTG’s role in investigating combination bNAbs. We introduced the first of our new Specialty Lab Directors, the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Virology Specialty Lab. And the newsletter highlighted a publication from A5300/IMPAACT 2003/PHOENix and a spotlight on the Blantyre CRS.

June 2022: The June newsletter featured two pieces in honor of HIV Long Term Survivors Awareness Day (June 5), written by ACTG investigators and community members. Two recent publications were featured this month from DR054 and A5341s. Our spotlights this month featured Katharine Bar, MD from Penn Therapeutics, the Chapel Hill CRS, and CAB member, Charles Adams.

May 2022: The May newsletter announced the initiation of study A5383, a clinical trial evaluating whether the anti- cytomegalovirus (CMV) drug letermovir reduces inflammation when given to people who have well-controlled HIV and CMV without symptoms. The newsletter also featured recent publications from A5282, A5322, and A5345. Our spotlights this month shined on Beau Ances, MSc, PhD, MD and the University of Witwatersrand Helen Joseph Hospital CRS.

April 2022: The April newsletter announced the FDA approval of the investigational new drug application for S-217622, a novel COVID oral antiviral therapy and the re-energization of the They Became My Family project. The newsletter also featured recent publications from A5290 and A5360. Our spotlights this month include Debika Bhattacharya, MD, MSc, the University of Pittsburgh CRS, and CAB member, Vijaya Jori.

March 2022: The March newsletter featured a recap of the ACTG’s oral and poster presentations at CROI 2022 and announced Dr. Sukhulile Moya as the recipient of the MLK Honoree International Humanitarian Service Award and Dr. Amita Gupta as the seventh director of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases. The newsletter also featured a tribute to Dr. Patricia Reichelderfer, who passed away in January 2022. Drs. Rosie Mngqibisa and Risa Hoffman wrote a piece on the Role of the ACTG on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Our spotlights this month featured Dr. Eric Daar and the Family Clinical Research Unit CRS in Cape Town, South Africa.

February 2022: The February newsletter announced the first participant randomized to A5386, a phase 1 HIV cure study evaluating two promising therapies and the publication of the primary manuscript for A5360 (MINMON) in The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology! Stay tuned next month for a follow up from the ACTG’s presence at CROI 2022. The newsletter also featured a piece by Orbit Clanton, co-chair of the GCAB in honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Our site sotlight featured the Weill Cornell Chelsea CRS in New York City, New York.

January 2022: The January newsletter announced the recipients of the 2021 Tuberculosis Transformative Science Group Special Contributions award (Drs. Nishi Suryavanshi and Yvetot Joseph) and the launch of  A5355, a clinical trial studying a new CMV vaccine in adults with both HIV and CVM. This month’s newsletter highlighted recent publications from A5333s, NWCS 447, and NWCS 412. Our spotlights featured Kelly Dooley, MD, PhD and the New Jersey Medical School CRS.

December 2021: The December newsletter features a tribute to Dr. Scott Hammer, who passed away last month. In honor of World AID Day 2021, the newsletter features a letter from ACTG leaders, Drs. Judith Currier and Joseph Eron. The recipients of the 2021 ACTG Awards are announced, along with the launch of A5404 and A5362 (CLO-FAST).  Congratulations to our community members, Danielle Campbell and David Jax Kelly for being recognized among POZ Magazine’s Top 100 Black Advocates!

November 2021: The November newsletter announced the new leadership of the transformative science groups and the enrollment for A5404. The newsletter featured publications from the A5345 and A5354 studies and NWCS 425. Our spotlights featured the vice chair of the Behavioral Science Subcommittee, Ivan Balan, Ph.D. and the UCLA CARE CRS in Los Angeles, California. The newsletter also included a brief introduction of the new ACTG Executive Director, Licet Garcia.

October 2021: The October newsletter announced the graduation of the novel polyclonal antibody therapy, SAB-185 to the phase 3 study of ACTIV-2 and the presentation of data for the monoclonal antibody combination therapy, BRII-196/BRII-198 from the ACTIV-2 study at virtual IDWeek 2021. The newsletter featured publications from the A5343 study and the NWCS 450.  Our spotlights featured the vice chair of the Underrepresented Populations Committee, Roberto Arduino, M.D. and MU-JHU CRS in Kampala, Uganda.

September 2021: The September newsletter announced the positive data for the monoclonal antibody combination therapy BRII196/BRII-198 from the ACTIV-2 study. The newsletter also announced the solicitation for ACTG general committee membership positions. Two pieces written by ACTG investigators, Carl Fichtenbaum, M.D. and Kristine Erlandson, M.D. were featured for National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day. Our spotlights featured Karine Dube, DrPH, MPhil and Greensboro CRS in North Carolina.

August 2021: The August newsletter announced the launch of study A5391, the DoIT Study. The newsletter also announced the solicitation for ACTG committee leadership positions as well as the application for small clinical trials advancing HIV remission and cure. Our spotlights featured the chair of the newly formed Behavioral Science Subcommittee, Jane Simoni, PhD and Vanderbilt University Therapeutics CRS in Nashville, TN.

July 2021: The July newsletter features the announcement of the publication of study A5349 in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as the launch of study A5386. The newsletter also announced the 2021-2023 Minority and International HIV Investigator Mentoring Program awardees, Dr. George Yendewa and Dr. Pamela Grace Mukwekwerere. Our spotlights featured the 2019-2021 Minority and International HIV Mentoring Program awardees, Dr. Hemil Gonzalez and Dr. Ponego Ponatshego, and Washington University Therapeutics CRS in St. Louis, MO.

June 2021: The June newsletter features a special statement from ACTG Network Leadership honoring the 40th anniversary of the initial publication of reports of what came to be known as HIV/AIDS in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on June 5, 1981. Also included are the thoughts of several community members about the importance of HIV Long-Term Survivor Awareness Day (June 5).  Our spotlights featured ACTG Investigator Diana Finkel, MD, community member Gail Graham, and Whitman Walker Health CRS in Washington D.C.

May 2021: The May newsletter features a tribute to CAB member Raymond Allmond, who passed away last month. Also included are the latest ACTG press release announcing the addition of the first polyclonal antibody into the ACTIV-2 Trial, and Brii Biosciences’ press release regarding the ACTIV-2 Brii agent (BRII-196 plus BRII-198) graduating to Phase 3. It also features three recent ACTG publications for studies A5336/3, A5305/17, and A5349/4. Our spotlights featured ACTG Investigator Joshua Cyktor, PhD, and one of our newer ACTG core sites, Aurum Rustenburg CRS in South Africa.

April 2021: The April Newsletter announced the decision to hold this year’s Annual Meeting virtually. It also featured publications for studies A5315, A5273/9, and A5361s/2. We shined a spotlight on community member Martha Tholanah, and one of our newer core sites, Nutrición-Mexico.

March 2021: The March newsletter features summaries for the 24 ACTG abstracts to be presented at CROI 2021. It also features the latest press release for ACTIV-2 announcing new agents that have been added to the trial. The ACTG also paid tribute to Dr. John G. Gerber who passed away in February. Our spotlights featured Dr. Sara Gianella Weibel, CAB Member David “Jax” Kelly, and one of the newest ACTG core sites, Yen Hoa Health Clinic CRS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

February 2021: This month the ACTG faced unprecedented losses of members of our community, Drs. John G Bartlett and David Katzenstein, Professor James Hakim, and Francis Canchola, RN. We feature tributes from those that knew them best. Additionally, we announced version 2 of the ACTIV-2/A5401 protocol press release and featured the following publications; DACS 348/1, A5353/7, A5329/1, and A5321/25. There is a piece by CAB member Morénike Giwa Onaiwu about National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and spotlights on Dr. Nwora Lance Okeke and one of the ACTG’s new core sites, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute.

January 2021: Letters from Drs. Currier and Eron, as well as Orbit Clanton and Estere Mutero, to bring the network into the new year.

December 2020: The December Newsletter is a look back on the progress we have made over the past year in HIV research. Read about some of our major publications from 2020 and updates in prevention research. It also announced that the ACTG was re-funded for a new grant cycle! In honor of World AIDS Day, there are some quotes and photos from members of the network. More can be found on our social media pages. The Investigator Spotlight features Dr. Vidya Mave and the CAB Member Spotlight features Salim Bakari.

November 2020: The November Newsletter announces the incredible findings of study A5349 regarding a shortened 4-month regimen for the treatment of drug-susceptible pulmonary TB, as well as the abstract for A5360 results to be presented at AASLD later this month. Three ACTG publications are featured for the following studies: A5322 and A5260s in Clinical Infectious Diseases, and A5288 in The Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Also included is an article published in Annals of Internal Medicine from Johns Hopkins University regarding a prediction model developed for hospital care for COVID-19 patients. There is an updated list of open and enrolling ACTG clinical trials, and our Spotlights feature Dr. Turner Overton and CAB Member Jan Kosmyna.

October 2020: The October Newsletter is dedicated to the hard work of the ACTG investigators, advocates, and community members. It features a letter from Judy and Joe, photos and videos from different sites, and two CAB member pieces on the upcoming National Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It announces the Reprieve Virtual Meeting, a WHRC pledge for support, and recently re-opened ACTG studies. This month’s Investigator Spotlight is Dr. Maile Young Karris.

September 2020: The September Newsletter honors the memory of our ACTG colleague David Hughes. It announced the first enrollment into study A5401/ACTIV-2, and the ACTG studies that have reopened at select sites since pausing enrollment due to COVID-19. Two CAB members wrote pieces for the upcoming HIV Awareness days, National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day on September 18 and National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on September 27. Featured publications this month include NWCS 432 in Clinical Infectious Diseases and A5335s in The Journal of Infectious Diseases. We received an update from the TASK CRS and how they’ve dealt with the onset of COVID-19 in South Africa. Our spotlights feature Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson and CAB member Rosa Reyes.

August 2020:The August Newsletter announces the opening of A5401/ACTIV-2 Outpatient Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Therapies Trial and shares the REPRIEVE studies that were featured in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Additionally, we honor the memory of Dr. Benigno Rodriguez. There is also a list of ACTG trials that have reopened after temporarily closing due to COVID-19. The ACTG congratulates Dr. Rajesh Gandhi and Dr. Cindy Gay for reaching citation milestones for their publications, and MTN for progress on the dapivirine vaginal ring. Featured publications this month include A5366 in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, A5307 in The Lancet Microbe, and A5303/10 in the Journal of Neurovirology. Our spotlights feature Dr. Beatriz Grinsztejn, CAB member Wycliffe Esendi, and Durban International CRS.

July 2020: The July Newsletter highlights the abstracts that will be presented at AIDS 2020 and announces ACTG’s participation in A5401 and the closure of A5395. The newsletter offers congratulations to A5332, REPRIEVE, for receiving the ViiV Global HIV and COVID-10 Emergency Response Fund grant. Additionally, included is a tribute to Karin Klingman, who is retiring from DAIDS, as well as spotlights on Dr. David Wohl, CAB Member Melissa Murry, and the Soweto CRS in South Africa

June 2020: The June Newsletter features a note from ACTG Leadership about the current state of our country and the ACTG’s commitment to social justice and eliminating racial disparity. Additionally, we mourn the loss of activist Larry Kramer and long-time CAB member James Weihe, MD. We also feature an article on Dr. Monica Gandhi and resilience, study A5349, as well as study updates for A5395. We highlight the ongoing efforts of the ACTG in COVID-19 research and announced virtual committee sessions to be held this summer. Our spotlights feature Dr. Priscilla Hsue, CAB member Janice Adams-Jerrells, and the Ohio State University CRS.

May 2020: The May Newsletter highlights just some of the many efforts of the ACTG Network as focus is pivoted to COVID-19. This month’s newsletter also features a publication in The Lancet for study A5263, updates on the AIDS 2020 conference, and an interview with Dr. Davey Smith about launching the ACTG’s study, A5395.  The spotlights this month feature CAB member Ruben Vidales and BJGMC-JHU Clinical Research Site in Pune, India.

March 2020: The March newsletter features previews of the 28 ACTG abstracts chosen to be presented at the Conference of Opportunistic Infections 2020 (CROI). It also features three Spotlights: Investigator Spotlight – Dr. Rachel Bender Ignacio, CAB Member Spotlight – Cebisile Nkosi, and Site Spotlight – PHRU-Matlosana.

February 2020: The February newsletter announced the launch of the page “They Became My Family,” highlighting the profiles of some of our ACTG Community Members. It also featured a piece by our current and past GCAB co-chairs, Orbit Clanton and Lionel Hillard, on the importance of recognizing National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It presented three summaries of our latest publications relating to studies A5288, A5260s, and DACS 325, and launched our new Site Spotlight section, featuring Johns Hopkins University CRS. It featured accomplishments of Principal Investigators, Dr. Carlos del Rio and Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum, and highlighted community member Stanford Chimutimunzeve.

January 2020:A note from Dr. Currier and Dr. Eron about the past year.

December 2019: The December newsletter announced the launch of our new ACTG website! It also featured a moving piece by Vice Chair, Dr. Joseph Eron about World AIDS Day, featured news coverage of ACTG’s PHOENIx study, and publications relating to studies A5334s, NWCS 399, and 1077HS/4. It highlighted Dr. Carmen Zorrilla and her team at the Integrated University of Puerto Rico CTU, and community member Julio Barros.

November 2019:The November newsletter announced that study A5381 has opened and summarized publications relating to studies A5208, A5321, and A5001. It highlighted Dr. Diane Havlir for being named to the National Academy of Sciences and featured profiles on Dr. Jose Castillo-Mancilla and community member Armeldra Simpson.

October 2019: The October newsletter announced that the ACTG is the most featured publication in AIDS,  featured a profile on Kara Chew, MD, MS and Tim Brehm, and summarized publications from study A5338 and research into antiretroviral treatment in postpartum women compared to men.

September 2019: The September newsletter highlighted ACTG’s efforts to address aging with HIV, featured profiles on Igho Ofotokun, MD, MSc and Belinda Ameterra, and summarized publications from the A5316 and A5288 studies.

August 2019: The August newsletter described ACTG’s presence at the International AIDS Society (IAS) meeting in Mexico City, July 21-24, 2019 and featured profiles on Dr. Jennifer Price, University of California and Danielle Campbell.

July 2019: The July newsletter remembered two valuable ACTG members, Kevin Robertson, PhD and Dr. Charles (Charlie) van der Horst, provided highlights from ACTG’s annual meeting, summarized publications from the A5321 and A5308 studies, and featured profiles on Rajesh Gandhi, MD and Morenike Giwa.

June 2019: The June newsletter announced that the PHOENIx trial was about to open, summarized publications from the A5241 and A5288, featured profiles on Dr. Aadia Rana and Angel Hernandez and commemorated full enrollment of A5322.

May 2019: The May newsletter highlighted the openings of ACTG studies  A5377, A5357, and  A5370, summarized publications from the A5353 and A5257 studies, and featured a profile on Dr. Sunil Solomon.

April 2019: The relaunch of the ACTG newsletter described ACTG’s presence at CROI 2019, provided updates on studies A5279, A5343, A5359 and PHOENIx, and featured news from the ACTG Underrepresented Populations Committee.