Network Leadership

The ACTG Network's leadership is listed below.

Daniel Kuritzkes, MD

ACTG Network Principal Investigator and Chair, ACTG Executive Committee

Judith Currier, MD, MSc

ACTG Vice Chair

Ian Sanne, FCP(SA), FRCP(lon)

ACTG International Vice Chair

Robert Coombs, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Principal Investigator of the ACTG’s Laboratory Center

Michael Hughes, PhD

Principal Investigator of the ACTG’s Statistical and Data Management Center

Peter Hunt, MD

Chair, ACTG End-Organ Disease and Inflammation TSG

Joseph Eron, MD

Chair, ACTG Cure TSG

Raymond Chung, MD

Chair, ACTG Hepatitis TSG

Richard Chaisson, MD

Chair, ACTG Tuberculosis TSG

Aisha Zaidi, MSM

Executive Director of the ACTG Leadership and Operations Center

Tina Brenneman

Director of the ACTG Network Coordinating Center