REPRIEVE: 7500 Participants Enrolled!

Congratulations to the University of Southern California CRS, Site 1201 for enrolling the 7500th participant!

From REPRIEVE Leadership:
This is a tremendous accomplishment for REPRIEVE and we want to thank every site team for working so incredibly hard to help reach this major milestone.

REPRIEVE is the largest randomized controlled trial in people with HIV as well as the largest ACTG study to date. This study is a success because of the dedication from sites in 11 countries around the world and equally important is the dedication of REPRIEVE participants. We would also like to recognize the collaboration of our supporters, the NHLBI, NIAID, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. and Gilead Sciences, Inc.

We look forward to working with you during the next phase of REPRIEVE and together we will continue to make REPRIEVE a success!


Dr. Steven Grinspoon and Dr. Pamela Douglas, Co-Principal Investigators of the Clinical Coordinating Center
Dr. Udo Hoffmann and Dr. Heather Ribaudo, Co-Principal Investigators of the Data Coordinating Center

REPRIEVE Trial Clinical Coordinating Center
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street, 5LON 207
Boston, MA USA 02144

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Please Note: The REPRIEVE study has closed to screening as of Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 9:00 AM EST.